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New Release Review [VOD] - THIS IS OUR HOME

this is our home review
A mysterious child enters the lives of a young couple who recently lost their own unborn child.


fifty shades freed review
The eagerly awaited conclusion of the Fifty Shades saga.

Now on Netflix - DARKEST HOUR

darkest hour review
As Europe falls to Hitler, Churchill must decide between entering into peace talks or continuing to fight.

Now on Netflix - PHANTOM THREAD

phantom thread review
In 1950s London, a young immigrant falls for a narcissistic dressmaker.

Now on Netflix - THE PRODIGY

the prodigy review
Shot dead by police, a serial killer reincarnates as an infant boy.

New Release Review (DVD/VOD) - LOST GULLY ROAD

lost gully road review
Escaping her abusive ex, a young woman seeks refuge in a remote home with its own dark secrets.

Now On Netflix - VIDEODROME

videodrome review
A ratings obsessed TV programmer discovers a sinister new source of content.


unforgettable review
A bride to be must contend with her future husband's dangerously psychotic ex-wife.

Now On Netflix - ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ.

roman j israel review
An idealistic lawyer is seduced by corruption.

Now On Netflix - DOWNSIZING

A married couple avails of a revolutionary shrinking technique, but complications mean the husband is left alone in his new shrunken form.

Now On Netflix - THUNDER ROAD

thunder road review
In the aftermath of his mother's death and undergoing a painful custody battle, a cop's mental state deteriorates.

Now On Netflix - ANGEL OF MINE

angel of mine review
A mother becomes convinced that her son's playmate is the daughter she lost as an infant in a fire.
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