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New Release Review [VOD] - A COMMON CRIME

a common crime review
A woman is racked with guilt when her refusal to help a young man leads to his murder.

New Release Review [VOD] - ZANA

zana review
In rural Kosovo, a woman is pressured into turning to her village's witch doctors in an attempt to treat her infertility.

New Release Review [VOD] - CHAOS WALKING

chaos walking review
A female astronaut crashlands on a planet inhabited solely by men, whose every thought is exposed.

New Release Review [VOD] - MINARI

minari review
A Korean-American family attempt to establish a farm in rural Arkansas.

New Release Review [VOD] - UNDINE

undine review
An industrial diver falls for a woman with a mysterious connection to water.

New Release Review [VOD] - THE NIGHT

the night review
An Iranian couple is terrorised by supernatural forces in a desolate Los Angeles hotel.

New Release Review [VOD] - MALMKROG

malmkrog review
A group of guests debate a variety of issues while gathered at a 19th century manor house over Christmas.

New Release Review [VOD] - AMMONITE

Mary, a paleontologist, works alone selling common fossils to tourists. A chance job offer changes Mary's life when a visitor hires her to care for his wife.

New Release Review [VOD] - THE WINTER LAKE

the winter lake review
Relocating to rural Ireland, a withdrawn teenager makes a gruesome discovery.

New Release Review [VOD] - THE LITTLE THINGS

the little things review
A former Los Angeles detective turned small town deputy revisits a crime that continues to haunt him.


Judas and the Black Messiah review
The story of FBI informant William O'Neal's infiltration of the Illinois Black Panther Party.

New Release Review [VOD] - FAR FROM THE APPLE TREE

far from the apple tree review
A young art student takes a job assisting a sinister visual artist.

New Release Review [Digital] - THE COLUMNIST

the columnist review
A writer hunts down and murders those responsible for online harassment.

New Release Review [VOD] - VERDICT

verdict review
A woman finds herself and her daughter in danger when the authorities refuse to take action against her violently abusive husband.