The 20 Best Non-Western Scores Of ENNIO MORRICONE

We've previously highlighted Morricone's work in the western genre, but the Italian worked in every genre imaginable. Here's the best of the rest.

The 10 Best Western Scores Of ENNIO MORRICONE

best ennio morricone westerns soundtracks
No other composer's name is as synonymous with the western genre as Ennio Morricone. Here we pick our 10 favourite Morricone western scores.

The 10 Best Soundtracks of LALO SCHIFRIN

Still active today, Argentine composer Lalo Schifrin defined the sound of the crime genre in the 1960s and '70s with a series of standout scores for iconic movies. Here are our favourites.

The 10 Best Bond Themes

Sam Smith's theme song for Spectre failed to impress most listeners, so we looked back at Bond's history and picked out our 10 favourite Bond themes.

10 Greatest TANGERINE DREAM Soundtracks

With roots in the German Krautrock scene of the '70s, Tangerine Dream went on to help define the synth sound of '80s cinema. Here we choose our 10 favourite Tangerine Dream scores.

April 2015's soundtrack highlights

We select the most memorable tunes from April's new releases.

March 2015's soundtrack highlights

We select the most memorable tunes from March's new releases.

February 2015's soundtrack highlights

We select the most memorable tunes from February's new releases.

January 2015's soundtrack highlights

We select the most memorable tunes featured in the past month's new releases.

TMW's 10 Best Movie Scores of 2014

2014 gave us some memorable scores. Here, in no particular order, are TMW's favourites.

Listen to Vortex, the new single from John Carpenter

The first single from Lost Themes, John Carpenter's first solo album, is now available from iTunes.

20 Great Bernard Herrmann Scores

Born 100 years ago, Bernard Herrmann's career began in the golden age of Hollywood, working with the likes of Welles, Wise and, most fruitfully, Hitchcock, and ended with collaborations with  1970s movie brats De Palma and Scorsese. To celebrate his centenary, here are 20 of TMW's favourite Herrmann scores.*

10 Best Quincy Jones Scores

Pop culture may well remember him best as the producer of Michael Jackson's Thriller, but Quincy Jones has contributed memorable scores to a host of movies and TV shows. Here are 10 of his best.

The 10 best Clint Mansell scores

Former frontman for UK indie group Pop Will Eat Itself, Clint Mansell has, over the last decade, created some of the most memorable scores in recent cinema. Here are selections from 10 of his best.

10 Best Riz Ortolani Scores

Italian composer Riz Ortolani sadly passed away on January 23rd, 2014, aged 87, leaving behind a legacy of over 200 scores. His 1962 Best Song Oscar nomination for Mondo Cane is possibly the only time the Academy acknowledged the world of Italian exploitation movies. Ortolani prolifically contributed to genres as disaparate as EuroSpy, Giallo and the Spaghetti Western. In tribute, here are selections from 10 of his best scores.

The 10 Best John Carpenter Scores

John Carpenter is the ultimate auteur. Not only has he directed, written, edited and produced throughout his career but he's also written the scores for most of his movies. One of the first soundtrack composers to make use of synths, Carpenter brought a minimalistic rock 'n' roll approach to his scores and defined the sound of eighties horror. Here are selections from ten of his best works.

10 Best Wojciech Kilar Scores

Recently passed at the age of 81, Wojciech Kilar had been composing in his native Poland for a quarter of a century before Francis Ford Coppola brought him to mainstream attention by hiring Kilar to score his 1992 'Dracula'.
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