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Blu-Ray Review - MISSING (1982)

missing 1982 review
A father questions his political beliefs while searching for his missing son.

'Mind the Gap!' DEATH LINE And The Best Of London-Set Horror

death line
As cult classic Death Line makes its UK blu-ray debut, we look at some of the best horror movies set in the English capital.

Blu-Ray Review - MISS LESLIE'S DOLLS (1973)

Caught in a storm, a teacher and her students seek shelter at the home of a disturbed killer.

Blu-Ray Review - DEATH LINE (1972)

death line review
Londoners are mysteriously disappearing in the depths of the Tube.

Blu-Ray Review - ASSAULT (1971)

assault 1971 review
A teacher sets herself up as bait in order to catch the killer responsible for the death of one of her pupils.

Blu-Ray Review - FLESH + BLOOD (1985)

FLESH + BLOOD (1985) review
In medieval Europe, a young noble girl is abducted by a band of mercenaries.

Re-Release Review - THE PRODUCERS (1968)

the producers review
A producer and an accountant concoct a scam to make a fortune by producing the world's worst play.

Blu-Ray Review - NO WAY OUT (1950)

no way out 1950 review
A doctor battles to clear his name when a criminal accuses him of killing his brother.

Blu-Ray Review - THE DEFIANT ONES (1958)

the defiant ones review
Two convicts - one black, one white - make a dash for freedom while chained together.

Back To Black: THE GRIFTERS & Six Of The Best Neo-Noirs

the grifters
With Stephen Frears' thriller coming to blu-ray from 101 Films, we look at some highlights of the neo-noir genre.