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New to Prime Video - AN AMERICAN PICKLE

an american pickle review
After being pickled in brine, an immigrant wakes up 100 years later in 21st century New York.

New to Prime Video - MOONFALL

moonfall review
The moon leaves its orbit and begins a catastrophic descent towards Earth.

New to Prime Video - CLIMATE OF THE HUNTER

climate of the hunter review
Two sisters vie for the affection of an old friend who may or may not be a vampire.


the haunting of sharon tate review
In the days leading to her murder, actress Sharon Tate begins having nightmarish premonitions.

New to Prime Video - GEOSTORM

geostorm review
A complex system of satellites designed to combat extreme weather is sabotaged by nefarious forces.

New to Prime Video - THE GUILTY

the guilty review
Assigned to emergency services dispatch duty while under investigation, a Copenhagen cop becomes invested in the plight of an abducted woman.

New to Prime Video - SAINT MAUD

saint maud review
A fanatically religious nurse becomes obsessed with saving the soul of the dying woman in her care.

New to Prime Video - STRANGE BUT TRUE

strange but true review
A grieving family is disrupted by the arrival of a young woman who claims to be carrying their dead son's child.

New to Prime Video - RICHARD JEWELL

richard jewell review
A security guard who saved lives during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics becomes the FBI's prime suspect.

New to Prime Video - WAITING FOR YOU

waiting for you review
A young British man travels to France to investigate a revelation about his late father's past.

New to Prime Video - WILDFIRE

wildfire review
Having disappeared for a year, a troubled woman returns to her home in Northern Ireland, rekindling her intense bond with her sister.

New to Prime Video - WILDLIFE

wildlife review
When his father leaves home for work, a teenager watches as his mother embarks on an affair.

New to Prime Video - EMERGENCY

emergency review
Three college students panic when they find a passed out girl in their dorm.

New to Prime Video - JUST MERCY

just mercy review
A young attorney attempts to prove the innocence of his death row client.