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BFI London Film Festival 2020 Review - ANOTHER ROUND

another round review
Four middle-aged teachers put into practice the theory that maintaining a constant level of alcohol in your blood leads to a more enlightened state of being.

New Trailer and Poster for Quarantine Thriller DARKNESS IN TENEMENT 45

Darkness in Tenement 45
The 1950s set thriller has parallels to our current crisis.

New Trailer and Poster for 70s Set Horror THEY REACH

they reach
Teens battle a demon in this nostalgic horror.

BFI London Film Festival 2020 Review - ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI

one night in miami review
Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown gather to discuss their roles in the cultural movement of 1960s America.

New Release Review [Cinema/VOD] - CARMILLA

carmilla review
A lonely teenage girl receives a new companion in the form of a mysterious young survivor of a carriage crash.

Did You Win Acclaimed Brazilian Drama SOCRATES on DVD?

We've got two DVDs of the critically acclaimed Brazilian drama to give away.

Did You Win a Blu-Ray of the Newly Restored Classic CIRCUS OF HORRORS?

circus of horrors
We've got two blu-rays of the classic British horror to give away.

Did You Win British Noir Classic YIELD TO THE NIGHT on Blu-Ray?

yield to the night
We've got two blu-rays of the newly restored thriller to give away.

New to Netflix - OVERLORD

overlord review
A group of American soldiers uncover Nazi experiments in a French village.

New Release Review [Cinema/Digital] - BODY OF WATER

body of water review
A woman struggles with a debilitating eating disorder.

New Release Review [Shudder] - THE MORTUARY COLLECTION

the mortuary collection review
A teenage girl coerces her town's mortician into telling grisly stories.

BFI London Film Festival 2020 Review - WOLFWALKERS

wolfwalkers review
A young apprentice hunter and her father journey to Ireland to help wipe out the last wolf pack. But everything changes when she meets a free-spirited girl from a tribe rumoured to transform into wolves by night.

BFI London Film Festival 2020 Review - THE INTRUDER

the intruder review
A singer/dubbing artist's life is impacted by strange forces following a traumatic incident.

New Release Review [Cinema/DVD/Digital] - ANTRUM

antrum review
The self-professed "deadliest film ever made."

BFI London Film Festival 2020 Review - WILDFIRE

wildfire review
Having disappeared for a year, a troubled woman returns to her home in Northern Ireland, rekindling her intense bond with her sister.