New Release Review - Life of Crime

When his wife is kidnapped, a property tycoon refuses to pay the ransom.

New Release Review - Before I Go To Sleep

An amnesiac begins to question the situation she finds herself in.

New Release Review - As Above, So Below

An archaeologist searches for the mythical Philosopher's Stone in the catacombs of Paris.

New Release Review - Night Moves

A trio of eco-terrorists plot to destroy a dam.

New Release Review - The Guest

A mysterious and charismatic young man ingratiates himself into the family of the dead soldier he claims to have served with.

New Release Review - Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For

Sequel to the 2005 graphic novel adaptation.

First Look Review - The Trouble With the Truth

A divorced couple reconnects over the course of an evening.

New Release Review - Two Days, One Night

A factory worker attempts to convince her co-workers to forsake their annual bonuses in order to keep her job.

New Release Review - Million Dollar Arm

A struggling sports agent attempts to transform a pair of Indian rookies into professional baseball players.

New Release Review - Obvious Child

A stand-up comic finds herself with child following a one night stand.

New Release Review - Into the Storm

A small Texan town is ravaged by a superstorm.

New Release Review - Lucy

An unwilling drug mule becomes a superhuman when the smart-drugs inside her stomach react with her system.

New Release Review - Deliver Us From Evil

A New York cop teams up with a Jesuit priest to investigate a series of strange occurrences.

New Release Review - The Expendables 3

Third installment of the geri-action franchise.

New Release Review - What If

After connecting with a girl at a party, a young man attempts to win her affection.

New Release Review - We Gotta Get Out of This Place

Three teenage friends in rural Texas are forced to commit a robbery for a local gangster.

New Release Review - Welcome to New York

Fictionalised reworking of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn legal case.

Documentary Review - Project Wild Thing

One man's quest to get kids out of their bedrooms and back into nature.

New Release Review - The Hundred-Foot Journey

An Indian family opens a restaurant across the street from a Michelin starred French eatery.

First Look Review - Clean Break

A young man begins dating a psychotic young woman.
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