New Release Review - P'TIT QUINQUIN

A small Northern French town is plagued by a rapid succession of grisly killings.

First Look Review - DARK MOON RISING

Werewolves descend on a small town intent on finding a girl with the power that threatens them.

New Release Review - STILL THE WATER

The discovery of a corpse prompts an existential crisis for a pair of teens.

New Release Review - TERMINATOR: GENISYS

A soldier is sent back to 1984 LA to save the mother of the leader of a...oh, you know, you know.

New Release Review - HOUSEBOUND

A twenty-something woman finds herself under house arrest in her childhood home, which now appears to be haunted.

New Release Review - 51 DEGREES NORTH

An aspiring filmmaker uncovers a conspiracy to keep the impending end of the world secret.

First Look Review - THE SKY HAS FALLEN

Two strangers are thrown together in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

New Release Review - THE OVERNIGHT

A couple newly moved to LA are invited to a dinner party that takes increasingly odd turns.

New Release Review - SLOW WEST

A bounty hunter protects a young Scotsman on a quest to find the girl he loves, but harbours an ulterior motive.

New Release Review - SONG OF THE SEA

A young girl discovers she belongs to a race of sea fairies.

First Look Review - FOREVER INTO SPACE

A group of twenty-something graduates stumble through recession era New York.
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