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First Look Review - THE TENT

the tent review
Hiding in the woods from unseen monsters, an elderly man is discovered by a young woman.

New Release Review [VOD] - AROUND THE SUN

around the sun review
A film location scout and an estate agent bond while viewing a property of important literary significance.

New Release Review [Curzon Home Cinema] - YOUNG AHMED

young ahmed review
A radicalised teen plots the murder of a teacher.

Interview - THE LAST FIVE DAYS Director Clay Moffatt

the last five days
Director Moffatt discusses his new found footage thriller.

New to Netflix - THE NIGHTINGALE

the nightingale review
In 1820s Tasmania, a young Irish convict enlists the help of an Aboriginal tracker to seek revenge on the British officers who took everything away from her.

New to Netflix - GRINGO

gringo review
A put upon pharmaceutical rep fakes his kidnapping.

Interview - LIMBO Star Richard Riehle

richard riehle
Veteran character actor Richard Riehle discusses his career and his role in new horror movie Limbo.

New Release Review [DVD/VOD] - RISE

rise review
Filmmaker Mack Lindon's dramatisation of his wrongful incarceration in an Australian prison.


the whistlers review
A crooked Romanian cop becomes embroiled in a money-laundering scheme on a Spanish island with its own curious language.