First Look Review - THE ESCORT

the escort film review
A man pays for an escort's time with the intention of persuading her to leave her job.

New Release Review - COLUMBUS

columbus film review
A Korean man bonds with a local girl over the architecture of Columbus, Indiana.

New Release Review - THE CAPTAIN

the captain film review
At the end of WWII a German soldier's personality is transformed for the worse when he dons an officer's discarded uniform.

New Release Review - NEVER HERE

never here film review
After becoming involved in a lie, a voyeuristic artist begins to feel someone is stalking her.


reinventing marvin review
A bullied outsider is given a new lease of life when accepted to drama school.

New Release Review - THE PREDATOR

the predator review
A scientist and a gang of mentally disturbed soldiers battle a newly evolved version of the Predator.

New Release Review (VOD) - DIANE

diane movie review
A PTSD suffering veteran becomes obsessed with the female corpse he discovers in his garden.

New Release Review - CRAZY RICH ASIANS

crazy rich asians review
A New Yorker is plunged into the world of Singaporean high society while attending a wedding with her aristocratic boyfriend.

Mike's Strange Cinema Cavalcade - WRESTLEMASSACRE

wrestlemassacre review
A wannabe wrestler uses his grappling skills to conduct a massacre.

New Release Review - THE SEAGULL

the seagull movie review
Family and friends gather at the estate of a Russian stage star.

Arrow Video FrightFest 2018 Review - THE DARK

the dark review
A young girl living a cannibalistic life in the woods comes to the aid of a kidnapping victim.

New Release Review - KING OF THIEVES

king of thieves review
The true story of the Hatton Garden Heist, dubbed the largest burglary in English legal history.

New Release Review - WAJIB

wajib review
A father and son traverse the city of Nazareth delivering wedding invites.

Arrow Video FrightFest 2018 Review - LIFECHANGER

lifechanger review
A killer forced to take over his victims' bodies attempts to connect with the woman he loves.
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