First Look Review - Lucky Bastard

Things turn ugly on the set of a reality porn production.

New Release Review - The Imitation game

Biopic of Alan Turing, cracker of the Nazi Enigma code.

New Release Review - Horns

Suspected of killing his girlfriend, a young man awakens to find a pair of horns growing from his head.

First Look Review - Killing Mr Right

A student exacts revenge on the man she believes raped her.

New Release Review - Mr Turner

Biopic of the English painter.

New Release Review - Ouija

A group of teens unleash a malevolent spirit through a Ouija board.

First Look Review - The Inside

A girls' night out becomes a living nightmare.

New Release Review - The Homesman

A spinster teams up with an outlaw to transport three insane women across the Missouri river.

New Release Review - This Is Where I Leave You

A dysfunctional family are stuck with each other during a week of prayer following the patriarch's funeral.

Blu-ray Review - 20,000 Days on Earth

Documentary portrait of Nick Cave.

First Look Review - Soulmate

Following a suicide attempt, a young woman moves into a haunted Welsh cottage.

New Release Review - The Babadook

A mother and her son are menaced by the mysterious title entity.

New Release Review - Palo Alto

Drama following four troubled high schoolers in suburban California.

First Look Review - Justice is Mind

A suspected murderer's memories are used as evidence against him.

New Release Review - Northern Soul

In 1974 Lancashire, a teenage boy falls in love with 60s American soul music.

New Release Review - Serena

A timber magnate marries a troubled young woman.

New Release Review - Fury

A pacifist army clerk is assigned to a tank crew in the closing stages of World War II.

Blu-ray Review - Lesson of Evil (2012)

A teacher takes extreme measures to deal with his troublesome students.

New Release Review - The Judge

A hot shot city lawyer defends his estranged father, a small town judge, in a murder trial.

New Release Review - Nightcrawler

A sociopath sells increasingly extreme crime scene footage to a ruthless TV news producer.