New Release Review - Trash

Three Rio favela kids unwittingly find themselves in possession of the key to uncovering government corruption.

New Release Review - Son of a Gun

A young inmate helps bust a notorious criminal out of an Australian prison before becoming embroiled in a gold heist.

First Look Review - The Scarehouse

A group of sorority girls are invited to a scarehouse by a pair of former friends out for revenge.

New Release Review - Southern District

A once prosperous single mother struggles to maintain the lavish lifestyle her family is accustomed to.

New Release Review - Ex Machina

A coder wins a week long stay at the home of his search engine firm's CEO, where he becomes part of an experiment involving an intelligent female robot.

New Release Review - Patrick's Day

The mother of a schizophrenic attempts to end his relationship with a suicidal flight attendant.

New Release Review - Coherence

The passing of a comet has strange consequences for the guests of a dinner party.

New Release Review - Whiplash

A music conservatory student pushes himself to meet the standards set by his tutor.

Documentary Review - Apples of the Golan

A look at life in a village in the Golan Heights over the course of five years.

New Release Review - Taken 3

Framed for his ex-wife's murder, Brian Mills must find those responsible and prove his innocence.

New Release Review - Enemy

A timid college professor discovers his doppelganger residing in the same city.

New Release Review - A Most Violent Year

An immigrant struggles to keep his heating oil business afloat without resorting to illegal means.

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