New Release Review - 11 MINUTES

A group of disparate characters are linked by the events that unfold over 11 minutes.

New Release Review - CAROL

A twenty-something store clerk falls for an older socialite in the stuffy world of 1950s America.

New Release Review - THE LESSON

A teacher's attempts to pay off her husband's debt leads her to take increasingly desperate measures.

New Release Review - LIVE-EVIL (DVD)

A small college town gets overrun by supernatural forces in this indie horror effort.

New Release Review - LOVE

Fearing she may have taken her life, a young man mourns for his lost love.

First Look Review - OVATION

Romantic drama set in the backstage world of a struggling theatrical production.

New Release Review - TANGERINE

On Christmas Eve, a trans prostitute traverses Los Angeles in search of her cheating boyfriend/pimp.

IFI Horrorthon 2015 Review - NINA FOREVER

A grieving young man begins a new relationship, only for his dead girlfriend to show up.
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