New Release Review (VOD) - FORSAKEN

A gunfighter struggles to put his violent past behind him when he finds his hometown under the control of a ruthless landgrabber.

New Release Review - NOW YOU SEE ME 2

On the run from the law, the four horsemen find themselves blackmailed into carrying out a heist.

First Look Review - I, DANIEL BLAKE

Unable to continue work for health reasons, a carpenter struggles to negotiate the welfare system.

New Release Review - SUBURRA

When a prostitute overdoses in a politician's hotel room, it triggers a war among Rome's criminal factions.

First Look Review - MACBETH UNHINGED

Contemporary set and experimental adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Scottish play'.

New Release Review - REMAINDER

An amnesia victim pumps his compensation money into elaborately recreating his memories.

New Release Review - THE VIOLATORS

A disadvantaged teenage girl finds herself exploited by various parties.


A volunteer nurse forms a bond with a soldier afflicted with an inexplicable sleeping condition.

First Look Review - GOAT

A college freshman is forced to endure ritualistic abuse in order to join a fraternity.

New Release Review - GODS OF EGYPT

In Ancient Egypt, a mortal teams up with a deposed deity to overthrow a tyrannical god.

New Release Review - THE GIRL KING

The story of the tumultuous reign of Sweden's 17th Century Queen Kristina.
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