New Release Review - The Boxtrolls

A race of creatures who live by night face extermination.

New Release Review - Dracula Untold

Superhero influenced reimagining of the legend of Vlad the Impaler.

First Look Review - Mourning Has Broken

Refusing to accept his wife's death, a husband goes about his day as planned.

New Release Review - Violette

Biopic of controversial French writer Violette Leduc.

First Look Review - Believe Me

To pay for tuition fees, a college student establishes a fake religious mission.

New Release Review - Life After Beth

A young man's dead girlfriend returns as a zombie.

First Look Review - Don't Look Back

A struggling writer takes a stranger for a housemate.

New Release Review - '71

At the height of The Troubles, a young British soldier is separated from his unit in Belfast.

New Release Review - Ida

Learning of her Jewish background, a young Catholic nun teams with her aunt to find the resting place of her family.

New Release Review - Human Capital

An incident involving two families is recounted from three separate perspectives.

New Release Review - Tokarev aka Rage (BluRay)

A former criminal gets his old mob together when his daughter is kidnapped.

New Release Review - The Equalizer

Big screen reboot of the 80s TV show.

New Release Review - A Walk Among the Tombstones

A drug dealer hires a private eye to track down his wife's killers.

New Release Review - Magic in the Moonlight

A magician falls for the psychic he is attempting to debunk.

New Release Review - The Giver

Latest screen adaptation of a young adult sci-fi novel.

First Look Review - A Public Ransom

A failing writer finds himself embroiled in a kidnapping plot.

New Release Review - Maps to the Stars

The arrival of a teenage girl in Hollywood affects the lives of several of the town's power players.

New Release Review - The Riot Club

Trouble ensues when an elitist Oxford society hires a room in a gastro-pub for its annual dinner.

New Release Review - Wish I Was Here

A free-loading actor is forced to deal with the implications of his father's cancer.

New Release Review - Jackhammer

A male stripper tries to make amends with his half-brother.
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