New Release Review - Men, Women & Children

A group of teens and adults find their lives ruined by the internet.

First Look Review - Trust, Greed, Bullets and Bourbon

A group of thieves reunites five years after a failed heist in search of answers.

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WWII set sequel to Hammer's adaptation of Susan Hill's cult novel.

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Third installment of the blockbuster young adult series.

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Biopic of music legend James Brown.

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An escaped killer terrorises a mother and her children.

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410 tweets of a Thai schoolgirl are adapted for the screen.

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A former actor, now proprietor of a hotel, struggles in his relationships.

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A poetry professor arranges Dylan Thomas' first US tour.

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Animated big screen adaptation of the Marvel comic.

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Three interconnecting stories set in New York, Rome and Paris.

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Sequel to the 2013 dystopian horror hit.

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A man attempts to stop his local mayor from demolishing his home to make way for a Russian Orthodox church.

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Estranged siblings reconnect after their failed suicide attempts.

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Four young Guatemalans attempt to illegally enter the United States.

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A twenty-something suffering from arrested development hides out in the home of a teen after her boyfriend proposes.

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Home release of the middle chapter of Peter Jackson's trilogy.

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An astronaut leaves his children to embark on a mission to save humanity.

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Things turn ugly on the set of a reality porn production.

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Biopic of Alan Turing, cracker of the Nazi Enigma code.