New Release Review - BEAST

beast movie review
A troubled young woman falls for an enigmatic man suspected of committing a series of murders.

New Release Review - THE WOUND

the wound film review
A young South African man is forced to undergo an ancient tribal initiation.

New Release Review (VOD) - PRODIGY

prodigy movie review
A psychologist attempts to connect with a violent and unpredictable child prodigy.

New Release Review - LET THE SUNSHINE IN

A middle-aged Parisian woman negotiates a series of failed romantic relationships.

New Release Review - RAMPAGE

rampage movie review
Big screen adaptation of the '80s arcade game.

New Release Review - TRUTH OR DARE

truth or dare movie review
A supernatural presence forces a group of students to play a deadly game of Truth or Dare.

New Release Review - ENTEBBE

entebbe review
Dramatic recreation of the 1976 hijacking of an Air France passenger plane.

New Release Review - CUSTODY

custody xavier legrand review
A divorced father becomes increasingly volatile in his interactions with his family.


Never Steady, Never Still review
A mother struggles to run her family while coping with advanced Parkinson's disease.

New Release Review - DEATH WISH

death wish bruce willis review
A Chicago surgeon becomes a murderous vigilante in the wake of his wife's murder.

New Release Review - JOURNEY'S END

journey's end film review
In the closing months of WWII, a group of men are assigned a potential suicide mission.

New Release Review - ZAMA

zama review
In 17th century Paraguay, a Spanish corregidor pines for his homeland.

New Release Review (DVD/VOD) - 4/20 MASSACRE

4/20 massacre review
A gang of female stoners is targeted by a killer in the woods.

New Release Review - I KILL GIANTS

i kill giants review
A troubled teen retreats into a fantasy world to escape the reality of her life.
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