New Release Review - VALLEY OF LOVE

A divorced couple reunite to follow the instructions of their son's suicide note.

New Release Review - THE COMMUNE

A married couple invite their friends to live communally in a large inherited house.

New Release Review (VOD) - FEED THE DEVIL

A search for a marijuana crop leads to a fight for survival against malevolent woodland spirits.


A documentarian connects with his cousin, a one-time assistant director and friend to the stars.

New Release Review - STAR TREK BEYOND

The crew of the Enterprise is forced to abandon ship following an ambush by a hostile alien race.

New Release Review - THE INTENT

An undercover cop begins to bond with the gang he's secretly infiltrating.

First Look Review - CAFÉ SOCIETY

A New Yorker relocates to Hollywood and falls for his agent Uncle's secretary/mistress.

New Release Review - SUMMERTIME

A young woman's burgeoning romance is threatened when she is forced to run the family farm.

First Look Review - SIERANEVADA

A family comes together in a small Romanian apartment on the anniversary of the death of their patriarch.

New Release Review - PRECIOUS CARGO

A criminal is forced to pull off a heist to save the life of a former lover.

First Look Review - BETA TEST

A video game tester discovers his latest job is taking sinister, real world turns.
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