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First Look Review - EVIL LITTLE THINGS

evil little things review
Horror anthology based around tiny terrors.

New Release Review [VOD] - YOU DON’T NOMI

you don't nomi review
Documentary explores the legacy of Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls.

UNCUT GEMS Is a Superb Movie

A reminder of the brilliance of Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett's performance in Uncut Gems, now on Netflix globally.

New Release Review [VOD] - MNEMOPHRENIA

mnemophrenia review
The prevalence of Virtual Reality leads to a condition where users are no longer able to distinguish between real and artificial memories.

Documentary TAX SHELTER TERRORS Examines Canadian Cult Cinema [Trailer/Poster]

tax shelter terrors
A new doc looks back at Canada's golden age of exploitation cinema.

New to Digital/DVD/Blu-Ray - PARASITE

parasite review
A struggling family con their way into the employ of a wealthy couple.

New Release Review [Curzon Home Cinema] - GUEST OF HONOUR

guest of honour review
A father struggles to comprehend his imprisoned daughter's acceptance of her fate.

New Release Review [Digital] - THE UNCERTAIN KINGDOM

the uncertain kingdom review
20 films from visionary filmmakers, giving a bright flash of insight into how they see the UK now.

New to Netflix - LEAVE NO TRACE

leave no trace review
After authorities discover them living in the woods, a PTSD stricken veteran and his daughter go on the run.