New Release Review - CHICKEN

A destitute young man with learning difficulties is torn between an affectionate young woman and his volatile brother.


The story of a New York socialite who became known as 'the world's worst singer'.

New Release Review - DEMOLITION

Unable to grieve, a widower finds comfort in destroying things.

New Release Review (VOD) - MEET THE PATELS

A documentarian of Indian descent films her brother's quest to find a match.

New Release Review - EVOLUTION

On an island inhabited solely by women and young boys, one of the latter grows suspicious of his surroundings.

New Release Review (DVD) - THE TIMBER

A pair of brothers agree to hunt down their fugitive father to save their land.

New Release Review - SON OF SAUL

A Jewish captive in a Nazi death camp attempts to arrange a traditional burial for a boy he believes to be his son.

New Release Review - JANE GOT A GUN

A frontier woman asks her former fiance to protect her wounded husband from the men out to kill him.

New Release Review - FRIEND REQUEST

A suicide victim takes revenge on the friends of a girl who socially shunned her.

New Release Review - BASTILLE DAY

An American pickpocket unwittingly becomes the prime suspect in a Paris bombing investigation.

New Release Review - CRIMINAL

A murdered CIA agent's memories are implanted in the brain of a narcissistic criminal.

New Release Review - EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!

A budding baseball player spends a few wild days in the run up to his first day of college.

New Release Review - MILES AHEAD

A journalist attempts to get a story from the enigmatic jazz musician Miles Davis.
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