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New to Netflix - THE GOOD LIAR

the good liar review
An aging con artist sets his sights on relieving a wealthy widow of her savings.

New to Netflix - SPONTANEOUS

spontaneous review
As their classmates succumb to an epidemic of spontaneous combustion, two teens fall for one another.

New to Netflix - AMMONITE

ammonite review
Mary, a paleontologist, works alone selling common fossils to tourists. A chance job offer changes Mary's life when a visitor hires her to care for his wife.

New to Netflix - CHAOS WALKING

chaos walking review
A female astronaut crashlands on a planet inhabited solely by men, whose every thought is exposed.

New to Netflix - DOCTOR SLEEP

doctor sleep review
An adult Danny Torrance and a teenage girl use their psychic gifts to battle a centuries old menace.

New to MUBI/Netflix - THE SOUVENIR

the souvenir review
A film student embarks on a troubled relationship with a heroin addict.

New to Netflix - SEE FOR ME

see for me review
A blind girl tackles home invaders with the aid of an app that connects her with a sighted helper.

New to Netflix - THE GOLDFINCH

the goldfinch review
A young boy steals a painting from the rubble of the museum explosion that killed his mother.

9 Netflix Original Movies Coming in April

the bubble
Netflix have unveiled their line-up of original movies coming in April.


corporate animals review
A company's bonding trip goes awry when staff and management find themselves trapped in a cave.

New to Netflix - HAIL, CAESAR!

Hail, Caesar! review
A 1950s Hollywood studio 'fixer' tries to perform his job while undergoing a crisis of faith