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New to Netflix - THE DEVIL TO PAY

New to Netflix - THE DEVIL TO PAY
When her husband disappears, an Appalachian farmer is forced to repay his debt to a local criminal family.

New to Netflix - CONVENIENCE

Convenience review
A pair of bungling criminals are forced to man a convenience store while they wait for the safe to open.

New to Netflix - ANOTHER ROUND

another round review
Four middle-aged teachers put into practice the theory that maintaining a constant level of alcohol in your blood leads to a more enlightened state of being.

New to Netflix - LET HIM GO

let him go review
In 1960s North Dakota, a couple attempts to free their grandson from the clutches of a violent clan.

New to Netflix - DREAMLAND

New to Netflix - DREAMLAND
In Depression era Texas, a teenage boy falls for a female bandit.

New to Netflix - SYNCHRONIC

synchronic review
A paramedic experiments with a designer drug connected to the disappearance of his colleague's daughter.


portrait of a lady on fire review
In 18th century France, an artist is tasked with painting a secret portrait of a young noblewoman.

New Release Review [Netflix] - ATHENA

athena review
When a 13-year-old boy is seemingly killed by cops, his brothers find themselves on opposing sides of a mass riot.