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New to Netflix - UPGRADE

upgrade review
A shooting victim seeks vengeance after a groundbreaking implant gives him a new lease of life.

New to Netflix - THE NIGHT CLERK

the night clerk review
A night clerk at a motel witnesses a murder, then becomes the prime suspect.

New to Netflix - THE NIGHTINGALE

the nightingale review
In 1820s Tasmania, a young Irish convict enlists the help of an Aboriginal tracker to seek revenge on the British officers who took everything away from her.

New to Netflix - GRINGO

gringo review
A put upon pharmaceutical rep fakes his kidnapping.

New to Netflix - SEARCHING

searching review
When his daughter disappears in mysterious circumstances, a father delves into her online history in search of clues.


BlacKkKlansman review
A pair of cops - one African-American, one Jewish - team up to infiltrate the Klan.

New to Netflix - THE COURIER

the courier review
An ex-special forces courier is framed for the attempted murder of a witness set to testify against a powerful figure.