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New to Netflix - WHAT THEY HAD

what they had review
A daughter struggles to convince her elderly father to check her Alzheimer's-suffering mother into a retirement home.

New to Netflix - HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U

Happy Death Day 2U review
Tree once again finds herself forced to repeat her birthday.

New to Netflix - BOOKSMART

booksmart review
Having spent their school life buried in books, a pair of teens let their hair down on the night before graduation.

18 Netflix Original Movies Coming in February

news of the world
Tom Hanks headlines Netflix's February roster of original films.

New Release Review [Netflix] - THE DIG

the dig review
A wealthy widow hires a working class excavator to conduct an archaeological dig on her estate.

New to Netflix - BOY ERASED

boy erased review
A teenager's parents enrol him at a gay conversion therapy centre.

70 Netflix Original Movies Coming in 2021

army of the dead
Netflix has announced a massive roster of original movies for 2021.

New to Netflix - SPUTNIK

sputnik review
In 1983, a cosmonaut returns to Earth, unaware that his body is hosting an alien symbiote.

New Release Review [Netflix] - PIECES OF A WOMAN

pieces of a woman review
A young couple disintegrates following the loss of their child in a botched home birth.

New to Netflix - ALL IS TRUE

all is true review
William Shakespeare returns to Stratford and struggles with retirement.

New to Netflix - BABYTEETH

babyteeth review
A teenager with cancer falls for a twentysomething junkie.

New to Netflix - HOPE GAP

hope gap review
A young man arrives home for the weekend to find his parents separating.

New to Netflix - LES MISÉRABLES

les miserables review
Transferred to a tough Parisian suburb, an idealistic cop finds himself caught up in tensions between his colleagues and the local community.

New to Netflix - PROXIMA

proxima review
An astronaut contends with the physical rigours of her training and the emotional toil of leaving her daughter behind on Earth.

New to Netflix - SAINT FRANCES

saint frances review
A rudderless thirty-something takes a job as child-minder for a lesbian couple's young daughter.

New to Netflix - SPREE

spree review
Desperate for internet fame, a rideshare driver livestreams the murders of his passengers.

New to Netflix - THE VIGIL

the vigil review
A former Hasidic Jew experiences a night of terror when agrees to watch over the body of a deceased Holocaust survivor.

New to Netflix - ESCAPE ROOM

escape room review
Six strangers get more than they bargained for when invited to an elaborate escape room.