First Look Review - TRAIN TO ZAKOPANÉ

On a train journey in 1928 Poland, a Jewish man finds himself falling for a bigoted woman.

First Look Review - HIDE IN THE LIGHT

A group of urban explorers unearth supernatural terror when they break into a derelict orphanage.


virginia minnesota review
Two young women take a road trip to the reading of the will of the matron of the social care home they grew up in.

First Look Review - JUGGERNAUT

juggernaut film review
A young man with a penchant for violence returns to his hometown to investigate his mother's supposed suicide.

ADIFF 2018 Review - THE RIDER

the rider movie review
A young cowboy attempts to adjust to life when a head injury threatens to end his career as a rodeo rider.

ADIFF 2018 Review - THE CURED

the cured review
Newly cured victims of a violent rage virus are reintegrated into an unaccepting society.

First Look Review - STREAMER

streamer film poster
A lonely young man becomes dangerously obsessed with his cam-girl neighbour.


FIRST REFORMED film review
The cancer-stricken pastor of a small church is drawn into the world of environmentalist terrorism.

First Look Review - CHIMERA

chimera film review
A scientist searches for a cure to the degenerative disease that has stricken his children.

First Look Review - OUTSIDE IN

outside in film review
A convict on parole pursues an affair with the high school teacher who aided his release.

First Look Review - FUNNY STORY

funny story 2018 film review
Complications arise when an estranged father embarks on a road trip with his daughter's friend.

First Look Review - GOLDEN EXITS

golden exits review
A young Australian woman's arrival upsets the intersecting lives of a group of insecure New Yorkers.

First Look Review - SATURDAY CHURCH

saturday church movie review
Exploring his identity, a young black teen escapes into a world of musical fantasy.

First Look Review - SUCK IT UP

suck it up 2017 film review
Grieving over her lover's death, a young woman takes a road trip with her free-spirited friend.

IFI French Film Festival 2017 Review - BLOODY MILK

bloody milk
A young dairy farmer takes desperate measures to cover up the rare disease that has infiltrated his cows.

First Look Review - WEXFORD PLAZA

wexford plaza review
In a downbeat town, the lives of a young woman and man are disrupted by her advances.
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