the killing of a sacred deer review
A young man forms a sinister bond with a surgeon whose operation led to his father's death.

First Look Review - THE CONFESSIONS

the confessions review
During a G8 meeting, the director of the IMF is found dead under suspicious circumstances.

First Look Review - THE BEGUILED

the beguiled movie review
During the US Civil War, a Union soldier is sheltered by a group of Southern women.

Cannes 2017 Review - LOVELESS

loveless cannes review
A divorced man and woman are forced to work together when their son disappears.

First Look Review - WILDERNESS

wilderness film review
On their first romantic getaway, two lovers begin to dissect their relationship.

Sci-Fi-London Film Festival 2017 Review - ANTI MATTER

Following an experiment involving a wormhole, a student awakes with amnesia.

First Look Review - B&B

b&b film review
Following a court victory, two gay lovers return to a B&B whose owner had previously discriminated against them.

Sci-Fi-London Film Festival 2017 Review - MAGELLAN

magellan movie review
An astronaut leaves his scientist wife on earth to embark on a 10 year long solo mission.
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