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Glasgow Film Festival 2021 Review - GAGARINE

gagarine review
A space-obsessed teenager refuses to leave his soon to be demolished tower block.

Glasgow Film Festival 2021 Review - WILDLAND

wildland review
An orphaned teen is entrusted to the care of her aunt, the matriarch of a dangerous criminal clan.

Glasgow Film Festival 2021 Review - APPLES

apples review
A man succumbs to an epidemic of amnesia and is assigned a series of tasks to help him reintegrate into society.

Glasgow Film Festival 2021 Review - POPPY FIELD

poppy field review
A closeted gendarme's attempts to hide his sexuality are threatened during a fracas at an arthouse cinema.

First Look Review - PARADISE COVE

paradise cove review
A couple's new home comes with a catch - the homeless woman living beneath it!

First Look Review - LAPSIS

lapsis review
In the near future, a man desperate for money takes a job laying cables in forested terrain.


Yalda, A Night for Forgiveness review
A young woman, convicted of murdering her husband, has her fate decided by the victim’s family on a live television programme.

First Look Review - CACTUS JACK

cactus jack review
A documentarian is kidnapped by his latest subject, a basement dwelling Nazi.