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First Look Review - THE DEAD ONES

the dead ones review
Forced to clean up their high school, a group of teens find themselves trapped in a nightmarish scenario.

First Look Review - RAVAGE

ravage review
A wildlife photographer fights for her life after witnessing a sadistic crime.

First Look Review - ENTWINED

entwined review
Relocating to a small village in rural Greece, a doctor falls for a mysterious woman.

First Look Review - THE AUGUST VIRGIN

the august virgin review
In an emptied summer Madrid, a thirtysomething woman has a series of encounters with friends and strangers.

First Look Review - PARTS UNKNOWN

A family of violent wrestlers make a deal with an inter-dimensional demon.

First Look Review - SONG WITHOUT A NAME

song without a name review
A mother looks for her kidnapped child in 1980s Peru with the help of a lonely journalist.

First Look Review - DAY 13

day 13 review
A teen suspects his elderly new neighbour is abusing his adopted daughter.

First Look Review - THE TENT

the tent review
Hiding in the woods from unseen monsters, an elderly man is discovered by a young woman.

First Look Review - DAYS OF THE WHALE

days of the whale review
Two young graffiti artists defy a criminal gang when they decide to paint over a threat written on a wall.