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the last black man in san francisco review
Two men squat in a building they believe they share a personal connection with.

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019 Review - FARMING

farming 2019 review
In 1980s London, a young Nigerian man joins a white supremacist gang.

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019 Review - BOYZ IN THE WOOD

boyz in the wood review
A quartet of Scottish boys fall foul of hip-hop loving farmers, bloodthirsty aristocrats and hallucinogenic rabbit shit.

Sundance London 2019 Review - AFTER THE WEDDING

after the wedding review
The manager of a struggling orphanage confronts her past when she seeks a meeting with a potential benefactor.

Sundance London 2019 Review - CORPORATE ANIMALS

corporate animals review
A company's bonding trip goes awry when staff and management find themselves trapped in a cave.

Sundance London 2019 Review - THE DEATH OF DICK LONG

the death of dick long review
Dick died last night, and Zeke and Earl don't want anybody finding out how. That's too bad though, cause news travels fast in small-town Alabama.

First Look Review - #LIKE

#like film review
A teenager abducts the man she believes drove her younger sister to suicide.

Sundance London 2019 Review - THE NIGHTINGALE

the nightingale review
In 1820’s Tasmania, a young Irish convict enlists the help of an Aboriginal tracker to seek revenge on the British officers who took everything away from her.

Sundance London 2019 Review - ANIMALS

animals 2019 film review
A pair of young women begin to question their hedonistic lifestyle.

Sundance London 2019 Review - THE FAREWELL

the farewell review
A Chinese-American woman returns to China when her grandmother is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, a condition kept as a secret from the matriarch.

First Look Review - CRSHD

crshd review
A college freshman hopes to lose her virginity at an exclusive party.


the price for silence review
A victim of abuse returns home to confront her family following her father's death.

Now On Netflix - PIERCING

piercing review
A potential killer gets more than he bargained for from the prostitute he hires with the intention of murdering.
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