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New Release Review [Cinema/Digital] - RELIC

An elderly woman begins to behave in a way that suggests something more than the onset of senility.

New Release Review [Digital] - RAVAGE

ravage review
A wildlife photographer fights for her life after witnessing a sadistic crime.

New to Digital - WAITING FOR YOU

waiting for you review
A young British man travels to France to investigate a revelation about his late father's past.

New Release Review [Digital/DVD] - BLACKBIRD

blackbird review
A terminally ill mother arranges to bring her family together one last time before she dies.

New Release Review [Digital] - WAITING FOR THE BARBARIANS

Waiting for the Barbarians review
The Magistrate of an imperial outpost questions his role upon the arrival of a cruel-minded Colonel.

New Release Review [Digital/VOD] - SHE DIES TOMORROW

she dies tomorrow review
A young woman's belief that she only has a day left to live spreads like a contagion among those she encounters.

New Release Review [Digital/VOD] - SPUTNIK

sputnik review
In 1983, a cosmonaut returns to Earth, unaware that his body is hosting an alien symbiote.

New Release Review [Digital] - YES, GOD, YES

yes god yes review
A teenage girl struggles to supress her libido while on a Catholic school retreat.

New Release Review [DVD/VOD/Digital] - MORTAL

mortal review
While exploring his ancestral roots in Norway, an American discovers he possesses strange and deadly powers.

New Release Review [DVD/Digital] - THE ASSENT

the assent review
When his young son begins behaving strangely, a mentally troubled father enlists the aid of a disgraced exorcist.

New Release Review [Digital] - ALICE

alice review
When her husband blows their joint bank account, a mother turns to prostitution.