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New Release Review [Digital] - LUZ

luz movie review
Pursued by a demon, a young cab-driver staggers into a German police station.

New to Digital/VOD/DVD/Blu-Ray - CATS

cats review
After being dumped by her owner, a cat is taken in by a secret feline society.

New Release Review [Digital] - THE FINAL WISH

the final wish review
A struggling law graduate discovers an urn among his late father's possessions, which grants his every wish.

New to DVD/Digital - RUN

run review
In a small town in the north of Scotland, a father who raced cars as a teenager escapes his day-to-day reality by stealing his son’s car for one last joyride.

New to Digital/DVD - JUST MERCY

just mercy review
A young attorney attempts to prove the innocence of his death row client.


A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood review
Based on the true story of a real-life friendship between TV host Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod.

New to Digital/DVD - QUEEN & SLIM

queen & slim review
After killing a cop in self defence, a pair of burgeoning lovers go on the run.

New to Digital/DVD/Blu-Ray - THE LIGHTHOUSE

the lighthouse review
Trapped on a remote island, a pair of lighthouse keepers descend into madness.

New Release Review [Blu-Ray/Digital] - I SEE YOU

i see you review
In a town plagued by child abductions, a troubled family experience strange occurrences in their home.

New to Digital/DVD/Blu-Ray - THE TRUTH

the truth review
An aging actress upsets her daughter with the false accounts of their relationship presented in her newly published memoirs.

New Release Review [Digital] - PROXIMITY

proximity 2020 movie review
A victim of alien abduction evades the authorities while attempting to get his story out to the public.

New to Digital/VOD - SEBERG

seberg review
A young FBI agent is assigned the task of spying on actress Jean Seberg.

New to Digital/DVD/Blu-Ray - ONWARD

onward review
In a fantasy land, two elf brothers are given the chance to spend one more day with their late father.

New to Digital - LITTLE WOMEN

little women review
The ups and downs of four young sisters during the American civil war.