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New Release Review - THE GOLDFINGER

The Goldfinger review
The chairman of a company becomes the subject of a lengthy investigation by an anti-corruption officer.

New Release Review - I LIKE MOVIES

New Release Review - I LIKE MOVIES
A narcissistic teen is exposed to the real world when he takes a job at a video store.

New Release Review - DREAM SCENARIO

Dream Scenario review
college professor becomes a global sensation when he starts to appear in the dreams of millions of strangers.

New Release Review - MIND-SET

Mind-Set review
A disenchanted woman questions her relationship when she falls for a new work colleague.

New Release Review - FREMONT

Fremont review
An Afghan immigrant uses her job at a fortune cookie factory to send a message out to the world.

New Release Review - AFIRE

Afire review
A narcissistic writer's stay at a friend's holiday home leads to self-doubt amid encroaching forest fires.

New Release Review - MEDUSA

Medusa review
A fundamentalist young woman leads a cult targeting women whose lifestyles they disapprove of.