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New Release Review - DRIVING MUM

Driving Mum review
A man drives his mother's corpse across Iceland to lay her to rest in her home village.

New Release Review - SHOSHANA

New Release Review - SHOSHANA
In 1930s Palestine a British cop falls for a Jewish freedom fighter.

New Release Review - AMERICAN STAR

New Release Review - AMERICAN STAR
An aging hitman forges new friendships as he waits for his target to show up on an island.

New Release Review - OUT OF DARKNESS

Out of Darkness review
A tribe of early humans is preyed upon by an unseen hunter.

New Release Review - MEMORY

Memory review
social worker is followed home from her high school reunion by an enigmatic man suffering from memory loss.

New Release Review - THE PROMISED LAND

The Promised Land review
In 18th century Denmark, a former soldier battles the harsh terrain and an unscrupulous landowner.

New Release Review - THE TASTE OF THINGS

The Taste of Things review
Hoping to win his lover's hand in marriage, a chef prepares to cook her a special meal.

New Release Review - THE SETTLERS

New Release Review - THE SETTLERS
In 1901 Chile, three men are tasked with clearing a stretch of land of its native population.

New Release Review - THE ZONE OF INTEREST

The Zone of Interest review
An SS officer lives with his family on a site next to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

New Release Review - AMERICAN FICTION

American Fiction review
Adopting a pseudonym, a disillusioned author writes a novel based on crude African-American stereotypes, only for it to become a bestseller.

New Release Review - ALL OF US STRANGERS

All of Us Strangers review
A man finds his parents living in his childhood home despite them having been killed when he was a boy.

New Release Review - FOREVER YOUNG

70-year-old woman is given the chance to reverse the aging process thanks to a secret trial drug.

New Release Review - THE CIVIL DEAD

The Civil Dead review
down on his luck photographer's life is disrupted when he encounters the ghost of an old friend.

New Release Review - THIS BLESSED PLOT

This Blessed Plot review
A Chinese filmmaker receives messages from the dead in a small English village.