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New Release Review - REALITY

Reality review
Reenactment of the FBI's interrogation of whistleblower Reality Winner.

New Release Review - FULL TIME

Full Time review
A woman's attempts to land a new job are thwarted by a transport workers' strike.

New Release Review - HYPNOTIC

Hypnotic review
A detective and a psychic investigate a series of strange crimes.

New Release Review - SISU

Sisu review
A Finnish prospector makes an enemy of a Nazi officer desperate for his gold.

New Release Review - THE EIGHT MOUNTAINS

The Eight Mountains review
Two men are reunited in the mountainous region where they once became childhood friends.

New Release Review - PLAN 75

Plan 75 review
To cull an aging population, Japan offers its elderly citizens the chance to voluntarily end their lives.

New Release Review - THE LAUREATE

The Laureate review
Poet Robert Graves and his wife Nancy Nicholson enter an unconventional relationship with American poet Laura Riding.

New Release Review - LAKELANDS

Lakelands review
When an assault leaves him with head injuries, a Gaelic footballer refuses to change his lifestyle.