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New Release Review [VOD] - AMMONITE

Mary, a paleontologist, works alone selling common fossils to tourists. A chance job offer changes Mary's life when a visitor hires her to care for his wife.

SXSW 2021 Review - THE FALLOUT

the fallout review
Two high school students form a bond in the aftermath of surviving a school shooting.


Paul Dood's Deadly Lunch Break review
A charity-shop worker misses his chance to participate in a national talent competition and seeks revenge on those who bullied him along the way.

SXSW 2021 Review - WITCH HUNT

witch hunt review
When their mother is burned at the stake, two young witches attempt to flee America.


Potato Dreams of America review
A gay boy growing up in the dying days of the USSR has his life upended when his mail-order bride mother moves the two of them to America.

New to Digital - SONG WITHOUT A NAME

song without a name review
A mother looks for her kidnapped child in 1980s Peru with the help of a lonely journalist.

New Release Review [MUBI] - DEAD PIGS

dead pigs review
An assortment of eccentric characters converge and collide as thousands of dead pigs float down the river towards a rapidly-modernizing Shanghai.

New to Amazon Prime Video - RUN

run review
In a small town in the north of Scotland, a father who raced cars as a teenager escapes his day-to-day reality by stealing his son’s car for one last joyride.


Yalda, A Night for Forgiveness review
A young woman, convicted of murdering her husband, has her fate decided by the victim’s family on a live television programme.

New Release Review [Amazon Prime Video] - ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI

one night in miami review
Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown gather to discuss their roles in the cultural movement of 1960s America.

New to Amazon Prime Video - BLACKBIRD

blackbird review
A terminally ill mother arranges to bring her family together one last time before she dies.

New to Amazon Prime Video - WIDOWS

widows review
Four armed robbers are killed in a failed heist attempt, only to have their widows step up to finish the job.

New Release Review [Apple TV+] - WOLFWALKERS

A young apprentice hunter and her father journey to Ireland to help wipe out the last wolf pack. But everything changes when she meets a free-spirited girl from a tribe rumoured to transform into wolves by night.

New to Netflix - THE FRONT RUNNER

the front runner review
The story of Democratic candidate Gary Hart's doomed 1988 Presidential campaign.

New Release Review [BBC] - MANGROVE

Mangrove review
In 1970 London, nine West Indian activists are put on trial for inciting a riot.

New Release Review [Cinema] - MOGUL MOWGLI

mogul mowgli review
On the cusp of his first world tour, a British-Pakistani rapper is struck down by an illness.