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10 Movies You Must See This August

holiday victoria carmen sonne
Our guide to the most interesting movies coming to UK/ROI cinemas this August.


the accountant review
An autistic accountant cooks the books for a variety of illegal organisations.

Now On Netflix - A SIMPLE FAVOUR

a simple favour review
A mommy blogger investigates the mysterious disappearance of her friend.

Now On Netflix - SULLY

sully review
Dramatisation of the days following pilot Chesley Sullenberger's famous 2009 crash-landing of an airliner in New York's Hudson river.

Blu-Ray Review - COMING HOME (1978)

coming home review
A volunteer at a veterans' hospital begins an affair with a paraplegic Vietnam vet.

Now On Netflix - WILDLIFE

wildlife review
When his father leaves home for work, a teenager watches as his mother embarks on an affair.

Now On Netflix - ATOMIC BLONDE

atomic blonde review
An MI6 agent recounts her experiences in Berlin in the days before the fall of the wall.

Now On Netflix - CREED II

creed 2 review
The son of the boxer who killed Adonis Creed's father challenges him for his heavyweight belt.

Blu-Ray Review - DOUBLE FACE (1969)

double face 1969 review
An industrialist's wife dies in a rigged car crash. Is her husband responsible, and could she still be alive?


american horror project volume two review
Collection of three obscure 1970s American horror flicks, all lovingly remastered.

Blu-Ray Review - THE SENDER (1982)

the sender review
Admitted to a psychiatric ward following a suicide attempt, a mysterious young man displays disturbing psychic powers.

New Release Review (DVD/VOD/Blu-Ray) - THE KID

the kid review
A young boy seeks the aid of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid in rescuing his sister from his sadistic uncle.
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