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New Release Review [Cinema] - SAINT FRANCES

saint frances review
A rudderless thirty-something takes a job as child-minder for a lesbian couple's young daughter.

First Look Review - DISCLOSURE

disclosure 2020 review
Two suburban couples meet to discuss an allegation of abuse involving their children.

New to Netflix - LINE OF DUTY

line of duty review
When the Chief of Police's daughter is abducted, a disgraced cop embarks on a redemptive quest to rescue the girl.

New Release Review [Digital] - THE YEAR OF SPECTACULAR MEN

the year of spectacular men review
A young woman moves in with her sister as she negotiates a series of failed relationships.


fire will come review
Released from prison, an arsonist makes a troubled return to his village.

First Look Review - WASTELANDS

wastelands film review
A lonely woman battles personal demons while struggling to take care of her deteriorating father.

New Release Review [VOD] - CRSHD

CRSHD review
A college freshman hopes to lose her virginity at an exclusive party.

First Look Review - FAIRYTALE

fairytale italian movie review
A 1950s suburban American housewife, played by a gay Italian man, has an existential crisis.

New to Amazon Prime Video - COHERENCE

coherence review
The passing of a comet has strange consequences for the guests of a dinner party.

New Release Review [Digital/DVD/VOD] - REBORN

reborn movie review
A teenager with the power to manipulate electricity goes searching for her mother, a horror actress.


the host 2020 review
A London banker is forced to make a dangerous trip to Amsterdam when he runs up a gambling debt.