The Movie Waffler The Movie Waffler: By Benjamin Poole


First Look Review - OUR MOTHERS

our mothers review
A young man searches for his father, who went missing during Guatemala's civil war.

First Look Review - SOUTH MOUNTAIN

south mountain review
A woman readjusts her life in the aftermath of her husband leaving her for another woman.

New Release Review - IMMORTAL HERO

immortal hero review
Following a near death experience, a Japanese man spreads the word of God and makes a few quid in the process.

New Release Review [DVD/VOD] - IN THE LINE OF DUTY

in the line of duty review
When the Chief of Police's daughter is abducted, a disgraced cop embarks on a redemptive quest to rescue the girl.

New Release Review - WE

we dutch film review
A group of teens indulge in escalating levels of sociopathic behaviour.

New to Blu-Ray - SONS OF DENMARK

sons of denmark review
Fuelled by the rise of a nationalist politician, a young immigrant becomes radicalised.

New to DVD - ROJO

rojo review
In 1970s Argentina, an argumentative encounter between two men spirals out of control.

First Look Review - ANOTHER WOMAN

another woman review
A stress-ridden doctor attempts to win back her husband after he leaves her for a young fitness instructor.