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the painted bird review
In WWII-ravaged Europe, a young Jewish boy witnesses and is subjected to a series of acts of brutality.

New to VOD - AWAY

away review
A young boy finds himself alone in a strange land, pursued by a monster.

New Release Review [VOD] - IMPERIAL BLUE

imperial blue review
A drug dealer travels to Uganda in search of a psychedelic drug that grants its users insightful powers.

New Release Review [DVD/Digital] - THE CALL

the call review
Teens are offered the chance to win a fortune if they answer a sinister phone call.

New to Netflix - SAINT FRANCES

saint frances review
A rudderless thirty-something takes a job as child-minder for a lesbian couple's young daughter.

First Look Review - THE WEASEL’S TALE

The Weasel’s Tale review
An aging actress accepts an offer to sell her mansion, much to the annoyance of her housemates.

New to Netflix - STAGE MOTHER

stage mother review
A conservative Christian Texan woman endeavours to save her late son's San Francisco Drag club.

First Look Review - DIVINE LOVE

divine love review
In a near future Brazil, a woman who is employed to dissuade couples from divorcing grapples with her own marriage problems.

New Release Review [VOD] - LUXOR

luxor film review
A British aid worker reconnects with a former lover in the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor.

New Release Review [Cinema] - PHILOPHOBIA

philophobia review
A wannabe teenage writer develops an infatuation with a seemingly unattainable neighbour.