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the heiresses review
When her partner is imprisoned on fraud charges, a previously wealthy woman is forced to take up work as a taxi driver for elderly ladies.

New Release Review [Cinema] - A BRIXTON TALE

a brixton tale review
An affluent vlogger is drawn to a shy young man from a working class estate.

New Release Review [DVD/Digital] - BOY MEETS BOY

boy meets boy review
Two young men bond over the course of a day in Berlin.

New to Amazon Prime Video - THE CAPTAIN

the captain review
At the end of WWII a German soldier's personality is transformed for the worse when he dons an officer's discarded uniform.

First Look Review - WILD INDIAN

A man's buried past returns with the arrival of a childhood friend whose crime he once helped cover up.

New Release Review [Cinema] - SECOND SPRING

second spring review
Diagnosed with a rare brain condition, a woman embarks on an affair with a gardener.

New Release Review [Cinema] - SOUAD

souad review
An Egyptian teenager leads a second life away from the conservative constraints of her family.

First Look Review - THE LAND OF OWLS

the land of owls review
Hoping to repair their relationships, two New York couples visit a Catskills retreat.

New Release Review [Cinema] - THE FEVER

the fever review
A dock worker succumbs to a mysterious fever as a strange animal stalks his neighbourhood.