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New Release Review - DIVISION 19

division 19 review
In a near future society, prisoners are forced to perform for the public's entertainment.

New Release Review - A SEASON IN FRANCE

a season in france review
An African refugee struggles to stay afloat in Paris while awaiting the result of his asylum appeal.

New Release Review (VOD) - LEVEL 16

level 16 review
Pupils begin to suspect sinister goings on at their subterranean boarding school.

New Release Review (DVD/VOD) - SILENCIO

silencio film review
In Mexico's 'Zone of Silence', a scientist discovers a stone that can enable time travel.

Now On Netflix - THE 12TH MAN

the 12th man review
In WWII, a Norwegian resistance fighter makes a hazardous trek across Scandinavia with the SS in pursuit.

First Look Review - CRSHD

crshd review
A college freshman hopes to lose her virginity at an exclusive party.

New Release Review (VOD) - THE WITCH

the witch korean film review
A teen with special powers is hunted after escaping from an experimental facility.

New Release Review - STYX

styx film review
While sailing in the Strait of Gibraltar, a woman comes across a capsized migrant boat.

Now On Netflix - SIBERIA

siberia keanu reeves review
An American diamond dealer finds himself stranded in a small Siberian town.

New Release Review - WINTERLONG

winterlong film review
A man's existence on the fringes of society is interrupted by the arrival of his teenage son.

New Release Review - A TRIP TO THE MOON

a trip to the moon review
Adulthood encroaches on a young space obsessed boy in the form of the girl next door.

SXSW 2019 Review - ALICE

alice 2019 film review
When her husband blows their joint bank account, a mother turns to prostitution.
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