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New Release Review (VOD) - ISABELLE

isabelle review
After moving into a new home, a young couple is menaced by a supernatural presence.

Now On Netflix - LEVEL 16

level 16 review
Pupils begin to suspect sinister goings on at their subterranean boarding school.

New Release Review (VOD) - STRANGE BUT TRUE

strange but true review
A grieving family is disrupted by the arrival of a young woman who claims to be carrying their dead son's child.

Interview - RIOT GIRLS Director Jovanka Vuckovic

jovanka vuckovic interview
Jovanka Vuckovic discusses her alternative '90s set post-apocalyptic punk thriller.

First Look Review - RIOT GIRLS

riot girls review
Two tribes of teenagers battle in a world where adults have been wiped out by a plague.

New Release Review - ROJO

rojo film review
In 1970s Argentina, an argumentative encounter between two men spirals out of control.

New Release Review (VOD) - SURVIVAL BOX

survival box review
Following a party, a group of teens find themselves trapped in an underground bunker.

Interview - OPUS ZERO Director Daniel Graham

opus zero willem dafoe daniel graham
Filmmaker Daniel Graham discusses working with Willem Dafoe on his feature debut.

New Release Review - OPUS ZERO

opus zero review
An American composer travels to the Mexican his late father called home and becomes intrigued by a local mystery.
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