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Inside Ben Affleck’s High-Stakes World: Unraveling the Actor’s Love of Gambling

Inside Ben Affleck’s High-Stakes World: Unraveling the Actor’s Love of Gambling

Hollywood stars make money not only on studio sets. Ben Affleck, the main character in the famous movie "Pearl Harbor", plays poker and blackjack professionally. For him, this is more entertainment than a way to make money. Also excitement, adrenaline, the desire to prove to the casino that clients can win. Many people believe that the rules are designed in such a way that the advantage is on the house's side. But Affleck used a strategy that changed everything and contributed well to the multimillion-dollar fortune of the Hollywood star.

In general, online casinos have long become a popular place for entertainment not only among celebrities. People of all ages, statuses, and marital status play online casinos just to relax and earn money. If you choose a reliable online kazino, then there are no risks. And Ben Affleck understands this perfectly, as do millions of people around the world.


About the actor
Ben, who hails from Berkeley, California rose to prominence in 1997 when the movie Good Will Hunting hit the screens. He clinched an Oscar for his writing efforts, alongside his co writer and co star Matt Damon. Despite experiencing a surge in popularity the actor faced a string of setbacks in both acclaim and box office success. However, he managed to make a comeback by directing the received thriller Gone Baby Gone in 2007. His producing and acting roles in Argo in 2012 earned him another Academy Award, for Best Picture followed by a string of films.

Charity tournament
On April 11, 2020, Affleck hosted the All In For America's Charity tournament with Matt Damon. The event took place amid the coronavirus pandemic. They were joined by other Hollywood stars and professional poker players: Tom Brady, Adam Sandler, Doyle Brunson, Jason Bateman, Tobey Maguire, etc. The competition was won by poker professional Ebony Kenny, and actor Kevin Pollack took second place. The tournament can be watched on the Twitch channel. Viewers joined the broadcast after paying $10,000. The actor collected more than $1.75 million. The money was donated to the charity Feeding America to help people affected by COVID-19.

Poker game
Affleck rose to fame in the poker world in 2003. It is not disclosed where and when he learned to play. In 2003, Ben participated in the Celebrity Poker Showdown Season 1 tournament in Las Vegas, taking 2nd place. The $5,000 win is symbolic, as the competition was for charity. But then the actor repeated his success. It is known that Ben participated in the games of Molly Bloom (a businesswoman involved in illegal gambling activities). She describes him as a smart poker player who limited his weaknesses and used a small $50,000 buy-in. In the memoir, Molly concludes that Ben's involvement in the games was monumental and that he was tall and handsome with an easy charisma that not all celebrities possess.

Why Ben Affleck was accused of reading cards
Ben Affleck has long been known for his gambling addiction and has been spotted by journalists in casinos more than once. Affleck won nearly $800,000 playing blackjack in 2001 and became the California state poker champion in 2004. In 2014 a Las Vegas casino management suspected the Hollywood actor of employing a banned card counting technique. A strategy where players observe the dealers hand to determine card choices. Following this incident Affleck was prohibited from playing at card tables due to this alleged violation. Ben contested this decision believing he was unfairly penalized for mastering blackjack strategy and improving as a player. Despite this banishment, from casinos initially enforced against him paparazzi later caught him back at the tables into the night on another occasion.

Despite his fame numerous casinos delight, in having the actor grace their premises. They are eager to offer him accommodations and indulge him at their dining and drinking establishments. Afflecks appearance enhances the establishments reputation given his following, in the world of cinema.