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New Trailer for Kirill Serebrennikov’s PETROV’S FLU

petrov's flu
The Russian filmmaker's latest comes to UK cinemas in February.

With The Student and Leto, Russia's Kirill Serebrennikov has established himself as one of the most interesting European filmmakers to emerge in recent years. He returns with Petrov's Flu, adapted from Alexey Salnikov's novel 'The Petrovs In and Around the Flu'.

The film depicts a day in the life of a comic book artist set against the backdrop of a city suffering a flu epidemic.

Petrov's Flu is in UK cinemas from February 11th.

Check out the trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

With the city in the throes of a flu epidemic, the Petrov family struggles through yet another day in a country where the past is never past, the present is a booze-fueled, icy fever dream of violence and tenderness, and where - beneath layers of the ordinary - things turn out to be quite extraordinary.

petrov's flu poster