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Why Movies Make for Such Great Slot Games

bill and ted face the music

Once upon a time, movies relied on box office takings to turn a profit. Over the years, plenty of other revenue streams have been introduced, some of these have even helped movies that have bombed at the box office to become considerable money-spinners for the studios who took the chance on them in the first place. In this article, we will look into how some movie genres have made it big in the world of online slots.


DVD sales and income from streaming services like Netflix have generally played a part in a movie's success. Likewise, so has merchandise. This has ranged from action figures to T-shirts, and much more. For big action movies, there has also been the trend of video games being released to accompany them. Sometimes the games follow the plot closely, at other times they take players off into a completely different storyline.

In this way, the online slot game is a twist on the video game genre. You can see several examples of popular movies that have been turned into slots when you check out Paddy Power online slots. The most popular genres are comedy and music and include Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Spinal Tap, and The Naked Gun. Because of their associations with the movies in question, they’re some of the most popular games on the site. However, there are other titles on the site that have clear movie influences. For example, Vampire: Princess of Darkness draws heavily on a Twilight theme while the origins of Gladiator: Road To Rome speak for themselves.

The characters and plot

But what is it exactly that makes movies such a rich source of inspiration for these games? For a start, there are recognizable characters in movies who can then be used to populate the spinning reels. Especially important or powerful ones who have a key role in the plot are usually the examples that are chosen, but there are also opportunities to include lower profile ones too. So in the Bill and Ted slot you’ll find that Rufus, the duo’s guide from 2268 has a major part to play, alongside side characters like the princesses.

As well as the characters in a movie, there are certain plot points that lend themselves perfectly to bonus features or special rounds in games. So in the Spinal Tap online slot, the now famous sequence based on Stonehenge in which the mighty stones are reproduced at a fraction of their actual size is honored in a special round in the game. In the same way, you’ll find other features including World Tour and a nod to Led Zeppelin with Stairway to Hell.


The fact that online slots are also fully digitized means that a soundtrack based on the movie’s original can be used to great effect. There’s also the chance to include clips from the original too – a great bonus for fans who are also taking the opportunity to check out the slot in question.

Of course, there are many other examples of movies that have become popular slots. As the whole financial model of movie making gradually changes thanks to the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and others, we’re likely to see even more in future.