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What Are The Best Movies Filmed In New Zealand?

New Zealand has long been punching above its weight, and we’re not talking about the country’s scenery. We’re talking about its booming entertainment industry that doesn’t get enough recognition.

Aspiring actors typically cast their hopes and dreams on Los Angeles, believing Hollywood is the hub of the film and entertainment industry. Cities like New York and Atlantic City are looked at similarly. Yet, there are several other contenders. For now, Hollywood is considered the Silicon Valley of film and entertainment, but New Zealand could very well be coming for the crown. After all, the facts speak for themselves.

The Hollywood Reporter found that, in 2017, the New Zealand screen industry contributed $718 million to real GDP and nearly $500 million to exports annually — more information can be found in the article. Of course, New Zealand’s entertainment industry doesn’t just center around movies. For instance, New Zealand has a thriving music scene, with many artists coming out of the country, including Lorde, and New Zealand’s online gambling platforms are also growing fast. According to BonusFinder, the online casino industry in New Zealand is as vibrant as it has ever been, with many platforms offering incentives like no deposit and first deposit bonuses. If you click here to read the entire article, you will see a list of the top-rated online casinos in New Zealand, with the level of choice available indicating that this industry is very much on the rise.

That said, we can’t pretend New Zealand hasn’t produced some iconic movies, and so, we’ve compiled a list of the best New Zealand movies and where they were filmed.

Lord Of The Rings

Directed by Sir Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings is a fantasy adventure trilogy. The franchise thrust actors Elijah Woods and Orlando Bloom into the spotlight while also shining an international light on New Zealand’s landscape and the potential for the country’s film and entertainment industry. The first film in The Lord of the Rings series was released in 2001 and, to this day, remains one of the reasons travelers visit. The Lord of the Rings was filmed at Hobbiton, Mount Sunday, The Waiau River, and Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve.

The Breaker Upperers

Released in 2018, The Breaker Upperers is a New Zealand romantic comedy. The movie follows two women who create an agency in Auckland that helps couples break up. Jen and Mel use unorthodox means to help people break up with their partners, such as impersonating a police officer. The film was well received and brought in nearly $4 million (NZD) at the box office. For its international audience, The Breaker Upperers showcased the beauty of Auckland, the most populous urban area in New Zealand, filming at several parks and cafes.

Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Released in 2016, Hunt For The Wilderpeople is an adventure comedy-drama written by Taika Waititi. This coming-of-age adventure movie follows the story of a boy and his foster father who become the targets of a man-hunt. It premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and received critical acclaim. Hunt For The Wilderpeople was shot in New Zealand’s beautiful Waitakere Ranges. The mountain range is between Auckland and the west coast of the former Rodney District, and it has foothills, native wildlife, and black sand surf beaches.

New Zealand gets most of its recognition for its scenery, adventurous lifestyle, and activities, while places like Los Angeles are considered the hub for the film and entertainment industry. Sites like Tripadvisor has helped to shine a light on the best that New Zealand has to offer, and you can find out more by clicking here. However, as we’ve seen over the past few decades, New Zealand has an established film and entertainment industry that, with the addition of its growing online platforms, is only going to become more dominant.