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New UK Trailer and Artwork for Persian Horror THE NIGHT

the night
Kourosh Ahari's chiller comes to UK/ROI Digital in April.

Iranian filmmaker Kourosh Ahari's directorial debut The Night has the distinction of being the first US-produced film to receive distribution in Iran for over four decades.

The film stars Shabab Hossein and Niousha Jafarian as a young Iranian couple living in the US who spend a night in a creepy old hotel where they and their infant daughter are menaced by a malevolent presence that forces them to confront their past.

The Night is on UK/ROI Digital from April 2nd.

Read our review here and check out the new UK trailer and artwork below.

The official synopsis reads:

After a night out with friends, an exhausted married couple, Babak (Shahab Hosseini), Neda (Niousha Noor) and their baby take shelter in the grand, but eerie Hotel Normandie. Throughout a seemingly endless night, mysterious disturbances ruin their night’s rest as Babak and Neda soon realize they’re locked-in with a malevolent force that hungers for the dark secrets they’ve kept from one another.

the night poster