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First Look Review - AN HOUR TO KILL

an hour to kill review
A pair of hitmen relate a series of horror stories.

Review by Sue Finn

Directed by: Aaron K. Carter

Starring: Mel Novak, Irwin Keyes, Ben Woolf, Juliette Danielle, Veronica Ricci

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A suited up yuppie asks the pink mohawked bartender (Vince) about renting the ‘country’ themed bar for an office party, but our punk bartender excuses himself to do some shady business with a group of black-donned men who are clearly there for criminal pursuits.

Yuppie (Frankie) takes a moment to overshare about his ‘controlling’ girlfriend before Gio the hit man shows up to waste the men in black.
Turns out, Gio and Frankie are both guns for hire.

Boss-man Mister Kinski (scenery-chewer Mel Novak) requests Gio’s presence and orders him to eliminate his partner Frankie.

“You have an hour to kill”, he tells him.

an hour to kill review

After this we are treated to a very long opening credits sequence featuring iconic shots of LA life before we get down to the business of the anthology horror film...

While our hitmen drive around LA, they tell each other stories which make up the bulk of the movies runtime.

The first story ‘Valkyries Bunker’, is about an abandoned Nazi hideout and a group of girls in the '80s who, looking for a marijuana patch, stumble upon said bunker.

They each meet off-screen sticky ends in an anticlimactic denouement.

Meanwhile, between tales, the hitmen flashback to their own exploits in vignettes that add little to the narrative.

The next story told is ‘Assacre’ which is as crude as its title, and tells about a charmless vlogger who intends to eat a 10 pound burrito in a speed eating competition. When a new winner is announced our protagonist and the previous champ decide to take flatulent bloody revenge.

an hour to kill review

Next up is ‘Hog Hunters’, a tale of a vile bestiality fetishist and his hogs, and a misogynistic rapey bowling club who are disgusting antiheroes. Yes it’s as repellent white trash nasty as it sounds and though I suspect it's meant to be Troma-style fun, it's really just gross and made me want to take a long hot shower.

The wraparound story is resolved in the final chapter that features rival crime bosses and a lame shootout.

Written, directed and produced by Aaron K. Carter, this was obviously a labour of love for the film-maker, and as a supporter of independent film, I wish I had enjoyed it more, but sadly it fell short of what it could have been.

The banter between the two hitmen (Frankie Pozos and Aaron Guerro – both much better than the material) works well, but the short stories feel like ideas rather than fully fleshed tales and needed a lot more work before they were committed to screen.

Nothing is authentic to the selected time periods, the dialogue is cartoonish and the film quality is shabby to say the least, but if you can embrace the cheese and cheapness you may enjoy some of the vignettes.

an hour to kill review

For me the ugliness got old quick and while I enjoy a good genre movie as much as the next girl, these shorts were not clever enough, nor had enough heart to push through the issues they were burdened with.

The acting is actually well above expected and some of the actors have charisma a-plenty, but the anthology parts of this anthology movie let them down; and so this hour and half movie was about an hour too long.

An Hour to Kill is on Amazon Prime Video US now. A UK/ROI release has yet to be announced.

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