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Fruit Chan’s MADE IN HONG KONG Coming to UK Blu-Ray [New Trailer]

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The cult Hong Kong drama makes its UK blu-ray debut this September.

Made on a shoestring budget with non-professional actors and shot on discarded film stock, director Fruit Chan's moody drama Made in Hong Kong was highly acclaimed on its 1997 release but faded into obscurity until it was restored in 4K in 2017.

That restoration is now coming to UK blu-ray courtesy of Eureka Entertainment, who will release it on September 21st.

The film follows a young, low-level Triad mobster (Sam Lee) who witnesses a young girl taking her own life. Finding a pair of letters on her body, he and his friends endeavour to deliver them to their intended recipients.

The blu-ray features interviews with director Chan, producers Doris Yang and Daniel Yu, and Marco Muller, former director of the Locarno Film Festival. The disc is packaged with a collector's booklet featuring new writing by film historian Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Tony Rayns; and an archival interview with director Fruit Chan.

You can order Made in Hong Kong from Amazon or Eureka.

Check out Eureka's new trailer below.

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