Infographic Counts The Cost Of Cinema's Most Destructive House Parties

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How costly were your favourite movie parties?

A new infographic put together by the folks at protectionsupplies.co.uk takes a look at some of the most iconic house parties thrown in the movies and adds up the damages to see just how much each one cost.

A free house, teens, alcohol, and music - what could possibly go wrong? A lot. We’ve all seen the famous college party depicted in movies. There is almost always debauchery, spilt drinks, and general house trashing. These parties cause a lot more damage than your average house party. In a film, you’d be lucky if your house party cost £500 in damages. As a matter of fact, none of the parties on this list cost less than £1000. Thankfully, your run of the mill house party doesn’t cost as much. But, it wouldn’t be a cliché movie if it was an accurate representation, would it?

From a missile in the house to a Mercedes in the pool. We take a closer look at all the weird and wonderful ways damage was created in these movie parties and the cost of the damage caused.

Take a look at the rundown of the most destructive house parties - ranked by how much they cost.

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