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Did You Win Acclaimed British Drama DAPHNE On DVD?

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Daphne comes to UK DVD January 22nd, and we've got three DVDs to give away.

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Bolstered by a remarkable performance by Emily Beecham in the titular role, Peter Mackie Burns' directorial debut Daphne was one of our favourite releases on 2017, coming in at number two on our end of year list.

Daphne comes to UK DVD on January 22nd from Altitude Film Distribution, and we've got three DVDs to give away to UK readers.

The winners are:

Victoria Thurgood, Kent
Linda Ann Savas, Manchester
Champaklal Lad, Ashton Under lyne

The official synopsis reads:

Set in modern day London, DAPHNE tells the story of a 31-year-old woman who is witty and charismatic. On some days, she seems to have everything going for her; on others she can be self-destructive and scattered. This vibrant contemporary drama shows Daphne navigating the maze of modern life, caught in the rush of working in a big city and the buzz of a busy social life – she is the life of the party but too busy to question how unhappy she is. When Daphne finds herself embroiled in a violent incident, her fragile grasp on her own behavior loosens. The question is whether the emotional incident will help her find a new footing or allow her to sink altogether.

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