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TMW's 50 Best Movies Of 2017!

the 50 best movies of 2017
Time to look back at the year's best cinema!

2017 was another quality year for movies, so much so that narrowing our list down to 50 meant a lot of very good movies didn't make the final cut. But without further ado, here are the 50 that did...

50. Jupiter's Moon
jupiter's moon
We said: "Director Kornel Mundruczo may be concerned with form more than content, but when the form is this dazzling, it's worth celebrating."

49. I, Tonya
i tonya
We said: "The real achievement of Craig Gillespie's film is in humanising a woman whose name has become shorthand for cheating and entitlement."

48. Good Time
good time
We said: "Good Time is low budget, gritty realism, dealing with unpleasant people in sordid situations. It also happens to be a totally uncompromising vision, sparking with mad, vibrant energy and individuality."

47. Sweet Virginia
sweet virginia
We said: "Sweet Virginia is one of the most engrossing thrillers of recent years, but had it taken more time to explore the emotional turmoil and existential terror experienced by Lila, it really could have been a modern classic."

46. Inversion
We said: "Iranian filmmakers continue to be at the forefront of mature, adult oriented drama."

45. Christine
We said: "Rebecca Hall really is sublime here, her criminally overlooked performance yet another reason to dismiss the relevance of the Oscars."

44. Clash
We said: "It's testament to Mohamed Diab's film that despite so many characters on screen, we get to know all of them to some degree, along with their level of political commitment."

43. Toni Erdmann
toni erdmann
We said: "It’s a funny, perceptive, sprawling, nervous work that will leave you laughing, cringing and thinking seriously about your own dysfunctional family dynamic in equal measure."

42. The House by the Sea
the house by the sea
We said: "Robert Guediguian fashions a feeling that these are characters we've met before, but never really gotten to know until this moment in time."

41. 20th Century Women
20th century women
We said: "A career best Annette Bening is the heart of the movie, portrayed as an angelic figure, but one with very grounded, human concerns."

40. Logan
We said: "The superhero genre is one that's alienating to a lot of viewers, especially those over a certain age, but Logan is a movie your Grandad could appreciate."

39. John Wick: Chapter Two
john wick 2
We said: "Often resembling a boutique men's magazine come to life, John Wick: Chapter Two puts a metrosexual spin on a macho genre."

38. Lion
We said: "Commendably shuns any Oscar reel speeches, which makes the few times its characters sit down and communicate their feelings verbally all the more cathartic and moving."

37. Patriots Day
patriots day
We said: "Earlier in his career, Peter Berg was compared unfavourably to Michael Bay, but with this and last year's Deepwater Horizon, he's proven himself a skilled craftsman."

36. The Disaster Artist
the disaster artist
We said: "Shares similarities with Michel Hazanavicius's Godard biopic Redoubtable, in that both movies are cinematic comedy roasts that betray as much about their own directors as those portrayed in their films."

35. Bloody Milk
bloody milk
We said: "Director Hubert Charuel takes us by the hand into a world we take for granted, but really know very little about, and lets us watch as his protagonist slowly sinks into a silage pit of his own making."

34. The Untamed
the untamed
We said: "Amat Escalante's film owes more than a little to Andrzej Zulawski's 1981 masterpiece Possession, another tale of a young woman escaping an unhappy marriage by copulating with a slithering mass."

33. Elle
We said: "A classy, intelligent, female-driven sexual thriller with slight flavours of satire - a film that manages to be deftly entertaining while asking dead serious questions at the same time."

32. A Dark Song
a dark song
We said: "Nothing scares us quite like our thoughts, and A Dark Song weaves its way into its viewers' minds, working its subtle black magic against us."

31. After the Storm
after the storm
We said: "It may not quite hit the peaks of the director's recent modern masterpieces, but even second tier Koreeda is essential cinema."

30. A Quiet Passion
a quiet passion
We said: "A fitting tribute to a figure who continues to inspire young women to this day, and should be required viewing for all teenage girls."

29. Most Beautiful Island
most beautiful island
We said: "Dangles us over a precipice before dropping us into a dark pit of human indecency."

28. Darkest Hour
darkest hour
We said: "Its best moments are minute masterclasses in how to convey something big with a small gesture. The man who turned a two-fingered salute into a symbol of strength and defiance would approve."

27. Certain Women
certain women
We said: "Kelly Reichardt tells these stories with the utmost restraint, creating a discomforting feeling of voyeurism, like stumbling ill-equipped into someone else's emotional breakdown."

26. The Fits
the fits
We said: "Anna Rose Holmer's film is a genuine oddity - part horror movie, part high school comedy, part coming of age musical."

25. Ava
We said: "If at times Lea Mysius' inexperience is betrayed by film school pretensions, it's rendered forgivable by the youthful, punkish energy she brings to her tale."

24. Redoubtable
We said: "The most entertaining biopic of a filmmaker since Tim Burton's Ed Wood, Redoubtable is a committedly unserious look at an artist's desperate quest to be taken seriously."

23. Endangered Species
endangered species
We said: "A gripping ensemble drama that tackles a timely social issue in a nuanced manner, never straying into the movie of the week path its subject could so easily have diverted it down."

22. Tomato Red
tomato red
We said: "A film much like its characters - easy to warm to, if difficult to relax around."

21. On Body and Soul
on body and soul
We said: "While it offers two thoroughly charming protagonists, don't expect a Reese Witherspoon remake of On Body and Soul any time soon, as this is a film that visits some incredibly dark places."

20. Killing Ground
killing ground
We said: "There are images and ideas presented here that will haunt your dreams. This is grindhouse cinema at its most powerful."

19. Better Watch Out
better watch out
We said: "A film that goes to some incredibly dark and daring places, Better Watch Out might be the blackest Xmas horror to date."

18. Heaven Knows What
heaven knows what
We said: "May prove a shock to the system of viewers whose only experience of screen depictions of the destitute and drug-addicted comes from the sort of vanity projects in which Hollywood stars patronise the subject."

17. Super Dark Times
super dark times
We said: "While an old-fashioned piece of American screen storytelling (a rapidly diminishing craft we once took for granted), it's far from a generic piece of Hollywood product."

16. Lady Macbeth
lady macbeth
We said: "William Oldroyd's film is commendably light on dialogue, as the director spins his story in a cinematic fashion, all subtle gestures, wicked smiles and nervous frowns."

15. The Killing of a Sacred Deer
the killing of a sacred deer
We said: "When The Killing of a Sacred Deer is at its best, it makes us laugh nervously as we marvel at the slow, but intense burn of its suspenseful central story."

14. The Endless
the endless
We said: "In the films of Moorhead and Benson, humans struggling with earthly problems - grief, poverty, addiction - find there are forces greater than us at play in our world."

13. The Student
the student
We said: "Kirill Serebrennikov's film may be a thinly veiled Putin allegory, but it's a warning to us all."

12. The Love Witch
the love witch
We said: "A uniquely singular vision, one that leaves you in no doubt that its creator loves cinema, and is determined to leave her own mark on its history."

11. Dunkirk
We said: "Plays out as a traumatic 100 minute experience, and a more stressful watch you're unlikely to find in mainstream cinema."

10. War for the Planet of the Apes
war for the planet of the apes
We said: "So unconcerned with commerciality that it's a miracle a major Hollywood studio could release it in 2017."

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9. It Comes at Night
it comes at night
We said: "It infuriated many cinemagoers in the US, upset that they weren't given the horror movie the film's marketing hinted at. But Trey Edward Shults' film is very much a horror movie."

8. The Transfiguration
the transfiguration
We said: "Tender, touching and tragic, The Transfiguration gives the vampire drama a much needed transfusion."

7. The Lost City of Z
the lost city of z
We said: "It's a banquet of a movie, a visual feast that also provides plenty of food for thought."

6. Harmonium
We said: "Fukada's film is one you'll find yourself haunted by for a considerable time after viewing, as it refuses to wrap itself up neatly."

5. Happy Death Day
happy death day
We said: "It outdoes the impressive Edge of Tomorrow in its employment of a time-loop structure, and it's arguably a better version of Groundhog Day than Groundhog Day itself."

4. Call Me by Your Name
call me by your name
We said: "When the closing credits roll, there's a palpable feeling of loss, like packing your suitcase on the final day of that one great summer trip abroad."

3. Princess Cyd
princess cyd
We said: "Such an honest, realistic and identifiable portrayal of a teen that it almost feels revolutionary."

2. Daphne
We said: "Daphne is one of the most complex, intricate and fascinating characters to appear on a screen in recent years."

1. Brawl in Cell Block 99
brawl in cell block 99
We said: "An instant exploitation classic, and further evidence that S Craig Zahler might be the most important figure in American genre cinema since John Carpenter."