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Did You Win The Smash Hit Belgian Series THE OUT-LAWS On DVD?

To dovetail the September 19th DVD release of The Out-Laws, The Movie Waffler in association with Nordic Noir & Beyond is giving away 3 DVD copies of the Belgian smash hit.

Blood is thicker than water. After their parent’s death the five Goethal sisters, Eva, Birgit, Veerle, Bekka and Goedele, have been inseparable – at least until Goedele married the obnoxious Jean Claude.

Goedele’s husband rejoices in tormenting the people around him including his sisters-in-law. Having been driven to their breaking point Eva, Birgit, Veerle and Bekka develop elaborate plans to kill their spiteful brother-in-law, who seems to have as many lives as a cat.

While trying to kill Jean Claude, the sisters uncover many skeletons that their brother-in-law has hidden in his closet. Apparently, the four sisters aren’t the only ones who want the loathsome Jean Claude dead!

The Out-Laws has been a huge success in its native country Belgium and won awards for ‘Popular Series’ and ‘Best Drama’ at the Belgian BAFTAs. The series is so popular that an American remake is in the making.

The Winners Are:

Thomas McKinney, Airdrie
Stephen Woodbridge, Brighton
Vicki Loftus, Wigan

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