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Vinnie Jones: A Man Of Many Talents

The former footballer has managed to transcend the world of sport.

When their professional football playing career comes to an end, many sports stars make the transition into managerial roles, punditry or commentating, but a few break the mould and move into areas completely unrelated to their professional life so far.

For some this might be property and investment or even fashion, as David Beckham has done so successfully, but very few footballers have made a success of a life in showbusiness following the end of their career.

Vinnie Jones is one individual who has done just that; his hard-man image on the pitch has served him well in the world of acting, and he’s become as recognisable for that as he ever was as a footballer.

The former footballer has appeared in some of the biggest films of the last couple of decades - and ensured that his face has very much remained known since the end of his footballing career. This international showbiz fame makes him a celebrity guest that’s sure to pull in an impressive audience - he’s got appeal for everyone from die-hard football fans to movie nerds and even reality TV aficionados.

Such a recognisable name and face could do wonders for your brand if you utilised Vinnie as a brand ambassador, or could add some real star quality to an event you’re throwing, encouraging people to attend and talk about what you’re doing. Read on to find out more about Vinnie Jones and whether he could be the right celebrity guest for you.

Professional football

At 19, Jones was signed to Wealdstone, working on construction sites at the same time to make ends meet. In 1986, he became a full time professional footballer with Wimbledon FC, where he scored on his second appearance for the club and began making a name for himself

Vinnie played professional football for more than a decade, including for the Welsh international side as well as Leeds United, Sheffield United, Chelsea and Queen’s Park Rangers and during this time he developed a reputation as one of the hard men of football.

He was sent off 12 times over the course of his career, including once just three seconds into a match and was disciplined by the FA over his presenting role on the ‘Soccer’s Hard Men’ video, which showed footage of himself and others on the pitch, and doled out advice to other budding ‘hard men.’

On screen career

Capitalising on the hard man image which he had cultivated in football, Vinnie Jones made his on-screen debut in the critically acclaimed Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, directed by Guy Ritchie. He also starred in a follow up film by the same director, Snatch, and these high profile appearances allowed him to build a career in Hollywood.

Since then he has appeared in many Hollywood and British films playing henchmen, villains and the like, making him a very recognisable face all over the world.

If it’s star appeal that you’re after then Vinnie Jones is an excellent choice; he’s available as a speaker, discussing his colourful career in football and film, or as a brand ambassador to promote a product or service. He’s recognised by people up and down the UK, making him an excellent choice who’s sure to draw a crowd.

If you’d like to book him, you can get in touch with the Vinnie Jones agent, MN2S, to find out more. If you’d like to book a celebrity but Vinnie isn’t quite the right choice for your event, get in touch anyway; there are plenty of interesting celebrities on the books at the agency and there’s sure to be someone who fits the bill for your event.