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Two infographics show how Hollywood destroys America on screen

With a high number of spectacular catastrophe and action movies, it is quite an interesting exercise to look at how various locations have been destroyed across America.

Being exhaustive is of course impossible, and some drastic selections have been applied. If some decisions are totally legitimate - such as eliminating the post-apocalyptic genre, where the destruction has already occurred (Resident Evil: Retribution for example) - some others are more controversial, like finding real world counterparts to undefined or fictional locations. But it’s all for fun, so this is not a big deal.

The diagram above was supplied by the folks over at The Concourse and breaks down the screen destruction of the US through the most common categories, and er...Sharknado. New York leads with 35 destructions, mainly by Monsters, Los Angeles comes close with 34 destructions, with a certain predilection for Geological events, and San Francisco comes third.

The infographic below is purely about Las Vegas destruction. The criteria for the selections was different, as the event leading to the catastrophe can precede the movies, hence the inclusion of movies such as The Stand and Resident Evil: Extinction.