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Braces Aren't Just Child's Play

Braces and retainersWearing braces is not unusual. It's not something, however, we normally associate with adults, especially not glamorous celebrities.
Considering the pressure in Hollywood to look as close to perfect as possible, it shouldn't be surprising that many adult celebrities have worn braces through the years. Most have worn them to correct imperfect teeth or other dental problems, but others claim to have chosen to wear them to make a style statement, much like custom grills. As an assurance that there is nothing wrong with getting orthodontic treatment as an adult, orthodontist Damon Barbieri compiled a list of famous faces that owe their perfect smiles to braces.


Faith Hill

Beautiful country singer Faith Hill was seen wearing braces at the 2013 Grammy Awards. She is quoted as saying that she wore braces as a child but didn't go on to regularly wear her retainer.

Gwen Stefani

The No Doubt singer insisted she wore braces as a fashion statement, not because she needed them to fix her teeth. She was making her statement by wearing metal braces back in 1999.

Fantasia Barrino

In 2008 the American Idol winner decided to get braces. She was spotted wearing a retainer after the braces were removed.


Songstress Estelle wore braces to straighten both her top and bottom teeth. She revealed her beautiful new smile at the Apollo Theater in New York in June 2010.


Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage was seen several years ago wearing braces on his lower level teeth. Cage was photographed wearing the braces at the Annual Writers Guild Awards in March 2003. He was 39 and between films when he got the work done.

Tom Cruise

In 2002 Tom Cruise was seen sporting what looked like a retainer. At 40 years-old the star decided his teeth needed a little fixing up.

Faye Dunaway

At age 61, Dunaway, famous for her role in Bonnie and Clyde, decided to get some work done on her teeth. After the braces were off, she reportedly got veneers put on.

Danny Glover

The famous Lethal Weapon star decided to get braces at age 59. The braces apparently affected his voice in the movie "Shooter."

Katherine Heigl

Heigl began wearing clear braces in 2007 to straighten her teeth. The star's dental problems weren't severe, but she decided to get some work done after getting engaged.

TV, Models and Royalty

Cindy Crawford

Several years ago supermodel Cindy Crawford was seen smiling in a Pepsi commercial while wearing a full set of metal braces.

Khloe Kardashian

The reality star stated that she recently wore clear teeth straighteners. She also reportedly corrected a fan who apparently said Ms. Kardashian was wearing braces.

Holly Willoughby

The English model and TV presenter wore braces at one time to straighten her teeth. While Ms. Willoughby's braces weren't the metal type, they weren't completely invisible either. She wore what appeared to be a thin white wire across her teeth in 2011.

Prince William

After years of never having his braces spotted in public, the royal prince was photographed at an angle that revealed he was wearing lingual braces. In 2009 a shot was taken showing his orthodontic treatment.

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