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The 10 Worst Movies of 2013!

It's the time of year for feasting on fowl so TMW's editor presents you with his year's biggest turkeys.
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10. A Belfast Story
"If you're distanced enough from the Northern Ireland situation, this could actually serve as a "so bad it's terrific" post-pub watch, as it rivals the productions of Ed Wood for unintended hilarity."

9. A Good Day To Die Hard
"Any notion of John McClane as a moral character goes out the window in the movie's first, horrifically directed, set-piece, as he causes the deaths of countless civilians, all while making wisecracks."

8. The Hangover Part 3
"If you were the kid who cheered on the jocks as they toweled the nerds in gym class, this is your movie."

7. Kick-Ass 2
"With green-screen effects that wouldn't be acceptable in a SyFy original and an immature potty-mouth script, Kick-Ass 2 is cheap in every sense of the word."

6. Les Miserables
"Wise, Minnelli and Berkeley are turning in their graves."

5. The Host
"The Host could have served as a nice gateway for young girls into the world of sci-fi but it's a wasted opportunity; one which you'll need to be wasted yourself before attempting to watch."

4. Dracula 3D
"The story stays relatively faithful to the original Stoker text but, on practically every level, this is an absolute travesty."

3. Movie 43
"The film wraps up with the end of civilization and if this is what currently passes for entertainment we may not have too long to wait for such an event."

2. Thanatomorphose
"Could the film's message be that women are discarded by men once the aging process sets in? Or is it an excuse to show some tits and gore? I'll let you decide, as I certainly won't be returning for a second viewing."

Turkey of the Year - 21 & Over
"If Al-Qaeda are short of recruitment videos, they could screen this as propaganda for why western "civilization" is something to abhor."

Eric Hillis