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New Release Review - 21 & Over

Three former high school friends celebrate a 21st birthday.

Directed by: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Starring: Miles Teller, Justin Chon, Sarah Wright, Skylar Astin, Francois Chau

Casey (Astin) and Miller (Teller) arrive at a Northern college town to celebrate the 21st birthday of their high school friend Jeff (Chon). With Jeff due to attend an 8am interview for a medical school the next morning, it seems the trio's party plans are scuppered. In spite of this, Jeff gets wasted and when Casey and Miller attempt to get him home and rested, they realize they have no idea how to get back to his house. This leads them on a raucous adventure through the night as they strive to find his address. As the night progresses, they learn that Jeff has been leading a troubled life.
'21 & Over' is the sort of movie you can't review. You can only scold it, like a mother whose pride and joy just arrived home in a police car. I'm not angry with '21 & Over', I'm just disappointed. I don't consider myself easily offended, in fact, on a personal level, nothing really offends me. I increasingly find myself offended on the behalf of others, however. On the behalf of Asians, Latinos, Serbs, Homosexuals, and anyone with a modicum of taste, humanity, and basic decency, I'm offended almost beyond words by this reprehensible piece of garbage.
In the first half hour alone we see our "heroes" behave like arrogant idiots, vomiting, and even urinating on party-goers. There's also an incident which could be classed as a sexual assault, played for laughs. This sort of behavior in reality would lead to a severe, and well deserved, beating. If Al-Qaeda are short of recruitment videos, they could screen '21 & Over' as propaganda for why western "civilization" is something to abhor. I can't recall a movie this blatantly racist and homophobic. In the film-makers minds, simply not being a heterosexual, white, Anglo-Saxon male makes you a target for their "comedy". I try my best to never say this, as my reviews are purely subjective, but please, DON'T PAY TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!