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5 Most Anticipated Movies of November 2013

TMW's editor picks the November releases most whetting his appetite.
*Based on UK release dates.

Short Term 12
This US indie, set in a foster care facility, garnered much acclaim during its limited run Stateside this summer and finally makes its way across the water. Don't worry, there aren't 11 previous installments you need to catch up on.

Astronaut Sandra Bullock finds herself alone in space when colleague George Clooney floats off into the nether. Director Alfonso Cuaron is said to have broken new ground with his camera techniques and many are calling this the film of the year.

In Fear
A vacationing couple find themselves menaced in the Irish countryside while journeying to a music festival. As someone familiar with the Irish countryside, I can attest as to what a creepy setting it is. What's intriguing about this is that most of the movie takes place inside a car.

Blue is the Warmest Color
Whoever thought a comic book adaptation would win the Palme D'or at Cannes? Well this tale of a burgeoning lesbian romance did just that and finally gets a general release next month. Some are calling it the best film of the year and it's certainly the most controversial, acclaimed as a tender portrayal of romance by some, pure exploitation by others.

Young & Beautiful
Francois Ozon quickly follows up his excellent 'In the House', from earlier this year, with this coming of age tale. The twist? It's the coming of age of a teenage hooker. Ah, the French!

Eric Hillis