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The 25 Best Movies of 2012

Here are the 25 movies which had the most impact on The Waffler in 2012.

25. Dawn Rider
TMW said: "director Miles has done justice to the western on a relatively modest budget"

24. War Horse
TMW said: "Rarely have the landscapes of Europe looked so stunning"

23. Argo
TMW said: "fans of seventies cinema will, enjoy the wild tale Affleck spins"
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22. The Amazing Spider Man
TMW said: "the most fun superhero movie we've had in a while"
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21. Jack Reacher
TMW said: "a cut above most of it's contemporaries "
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20. The Artist
TMW said: "for the most part succeeds with distinction"
19. Lockout
TMW said: "the cleverest dumb movie we'll see all year"
18. Berberian Sound Studio
TMW said: "will feel fresh to casual viewers while thrilling those more obsessive members of the audience"
17. Compliance
TMW said: "one of the must see films of the year"
16. Liberal Arts
TMW said: "a thinking man's version of the Rodney Dangerfield comedy 'Back to School'"
15. Headhunters
TMW said: "puts Hollywood blockbusters to shame"
14. Electrick Children
TMW said: "the cinematic equivalent of holding a preacher in a headlock while you administer painkillers to his daughter"
13. Amour
TMW said: "the most affecting piece of film-making I've seen all year"
12. The Hunter
TMW said: "Nettheim has proved with his debut that he's a film-maker of some promise"
11. Play
TMW said: "it's lack of preachiness allows the viewer to make up their own mind"
10. Skyfall
TMW said: "shows Hollywood how it should be done"
9. Detachment
TMW said: "At times acutely depressing, pretentious and anger-inducing, it eventually becomes an uplifting tale"
8. The Master
TMW said: "could be the love story of the year"
7. The Kid With A Bike
TMW said: "The story may be cliched but the characters and the actors portraying them give it a vitality"
6. Sleeping Beauty
TMW said: "incredibly well crafted"
5. The Muppets
TMW said: "everyone should see this sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational movie"
4. The Grey
TMW said: "one of the most intelligent mainstream movies in years"
3. Margaret
TMW said: "Not since 'There Will Be Blood' has a lead character been so despicable yet engaging"
2. The Hunt
TMW said: "a masterful piece of film-making"
1. Martha Marcy May Marlene
TMW said: "could be the best American movie of the twenty-first century"