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The 25 Worst Movies of 2012

It might be Christmas now, but here at The Movie Waffler, we've had our share of turkeys all year long. Here are the twenty-five worst films we had the displeasure of enduring in 2012.

25. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
TMW said: "Bekmambetov is one of the worst directors working today"

24. Total Recall
TMW said: "akin to watching one of the "Star Wars" prequels on fast forward"

23. Stolen
TMW said: "in a Nic Cage movie nobody's reputation gets out in one piece"

22. The Wicker Tree
TMW said: "feels like a 'Carry On' movie shot on the set of the UK soap 'Emmerdale'"

21. Safe House
TMW said: "don't think I've seen a major film this badly directed before"

20. This Must Be The Place
TMW said: "feels like a joke whose meaning only those involved in are privy to"

19. Silent House
TMW said: "Olsen is far too good for this sort of rubbish"

18. Cosmopolis
TMW said: "more pregnant pauses than a relay race for expectant mothers"

17. Silent Night
TMW said: "fails to raise even a snigger"

16. Piranha 3DD
TMW said: "DDon't!"

15. Savages
TMW said: "Oliver Stone's editorial decisions are as sensible as Lindsay Lohan's lifestyle choices"

14. The Girl
TMW said: "this piece of garbage will be forgotten about quickly"

13. Haywire
TMW said: "Think of a Bollywood movie without the musical numbers"

12. The Cold Light of Day
TMW said: "despite not being able to follow the plot you'll still be able to predict every scene"

11. 4:44 Last Day on Earth
TMW said: "If you're not an insufferable prick, avoid this"

10. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
TMW said: "should be avoided by anyone with a conscience"

9. The Watch
TMW said: "xenophobic, homophobic bullshit"

8. The Raven
TMW said: "John Cusack does for Poe what Robert Downey Jnr did for Holmes"

7. Gut
TMW said: "incredibly amateurish, featuring some of the worst acting I've seen all year."

6. Battleship
TMW said: "like watching a box of spanners in a tumble dryer"

5. The Apparition
TMW said: "It's very easy to make a bad horror movie but it's quite an achievement to make one as dull as this turkey."

4. Django Unchained
TMW said: "If there's a worse American movie this year, I haven't seen it."

3. Anna Karenina
TMW said: "I've never read the source text but I'm certain it doesn't contain a farting dog as seen here." 

2. Dollhouse
TMW said: "unless you enjoy watching unlikable teens smash up a home and shout insults at one another, there's nothing to engage you" 

1. Charlie Casanova
TMW said: "There is nothing on show here, save for a few acceptable performances, that even relates to the process of film-making."