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First Time Watches - September 2012

Elmer Gantry (1960)
Burt Lancaster is thrilling as a travelling salesman who hooks up with  an evangelist troupe, initially with the intention of seducing young preacher Jean Simmons.
He becomes hooked on the rush of preaching and becomes the group's star attraction until his past catches up with him in the form of Shirley Jones' opportunistic hooker. It may not stand up against the classic melodramas Hollywood effortlessly pumped out in this era but it's well worth a look, especially for those who see religion as nothing more than a money-making scam. 8/10

Great World of Sound (2007)
The debut feature of "Compliance" director Craig Zobel is an enjoyable little indie concerning the moral dilemma of taking an unethical job in these grim economic times. Pat Healy and Kene Holliday are great as two "record producers" whose job is to sign up musicians under the false pretence that they will launch their career. 7/10

Wake in Fright (1971)
One of the earliest entries of the Australian New Wave movement, this is a cracking tale of a middle class teacher who becomes stuck in a, by his ideals nightmarish, small town known as "The Yabba". He's only supposed to spend one night but after losing all his money in a gambling den he becomes trapped, regressing to an almost neanderthal status three days later. The film was though lost but has been re-released in a spruced up print. A must see for fans of Aussie cinema. 8/10

Bait (2012)
A supermarket hold-up is interrupted by a tidal wave which submerges the store. Throw a great white shark into the mix and this  should be a winning formula. The film takes itself far too seriously for such an outrageous premise and the awful CG effects fall well short of the film-maker's lofty ambitions. Released in 3D in Australia but straight to video in most markets, it's a slightly more professional alternative to a SyFy original. 3/10