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Shorts in Focus - The Minions / Painkiller

With six films completed in 2014, and a further four in this year’s pipeline, Horror short auteur Jeremiah Kipp is ghoulishly prolific. The Minions and Painkiller are two of last year’s shorts which, already having received acclaim at select festivals, will be released to VOD this year.

Shorts in Focus - Pro Kopf

A travelling businessman's call home to his wife takes a strange turn.

Shorts in Focus - Remote

During a storm, a man's TV draws him into a terrifying situation.

Shorts in Focus - The Last Halloween

A group of kids trick or treat through a post-apocalyptic suburbia.

Waffling with Steve Khan, director of short Fear

Director Steve Khan gave us a look at his new short, Fear, and chatted to us about his movie and the horror genre.