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First Trailer and Poster for Thriller MIDNIGHT TAXI

First Trailer and Poster for Thriller MIDNIGHT TAXI
First look at the London set thriller.

Written and directed by Bertie Speirs and Samantha Speirs, Midnight Taxi stars Ladi Emeruwa as Eddie, a London cab driver cursed by bouts of sleepwalking. When he fears he may have been involved in a murder while unconscious, Eddie delves into the city's underworld in search of answers.

The film also stars Charlotte Price and Eddie Eyre.

Midnight Taxi is on US VOD from July 23rd. A UK/ROI release has yet to be announced.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

Driving a Black Cab night after night is a quiet and simple life for Eddie Carter, but when Eddie’s daytime sleep schedule is disturbed by construction work next door, he finds his nighttime shifts requiring more coffee and exhaustion setting in. After pulling over for a break one night, he awakens to a terrifying situation: ahead of his cab is the body of a murdered woman. 

After this gruesome discovery and reporting it to the police, Eddie tries to move on by the sight and his tiredness haunts him. The following night he awakens from a dream of the murder scene to find that he has started sleepwalking again, a condition he suffered from as a child. Panic creeps in as he realises that there is a chance he may have been involved in the woman’s murder. 

In an effort to clear his conscience, Eddie starts to quietly investigate the murder on his own. With the help of frequent customer, investigative journalist Adam Blomfield, and high-end escort Karli as a window into the underground world of London’s sex industry, Eddie soon finds himself immersed in the murky depths of a city he’s been blindly driving through for years.