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3 Essential Japanese Gambling Movies

3 Essential Japanese Gambling Movies

Most countries have produced movies on the topic of gambling, and Japan is no different. We're going to take a look at three Japanese movies where gambling is integral to the plot. These movies are filled with excitement and danger, but if you prefer less dangerous gambling, you can always visit 22Bet login and have a much less stressful experience than the characters of the following movies.


This 2019 film by director Tsutomu Hanabusa is, like so many Japanese movies, adapted from a popular Manga comic that captured the nation's imagination. The action plays out at the Hyakaou Academy, a prestigious educational institution with one distinguishing feature: its pupils are ranked not by their proficiency at reading, writing and math, but by their gambling skills. The storyline is centred on Yumeko Jabami, a new student with a love of high stakes. The stakes were upped in a sequel, 2021's Kakegurui 2: Ultimate Russian Roulette.

Pale Flower

Gambling movies aren't new to Japan. 1964 saw the release of director Masahiro Shinoda's Pale Flower, adapted from a novel by Shintara Ishihara. The film follows Muraki, a hitman for Japan's infamous Yakuza. Newly released from prison, Muraki pays a visit to a gambling den where he meets a seductive woman, Saeko. Joining forces, Muraki and Saeko begin a journey into the gambling underworld of 1960s Japan.


Another Manga adaptation is the Kaiji trilogy of films. The first movie, also known as Gambling Apocalypse, introduces us to the titular Kaiji, a college graduate who finds himself in serious debt. A debt collector gives Kaiji the choice between paying his debts back over a decade or taking part in a night of high stakes gambling. Kaiji opts for the latter, unaware of the danger he's placing himself in by doing so. Two sequels - Kaiji 2 and Kaiji: Final Game - follow Kaiji as he plays a series of casino games for increasingly high stakes.