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Is Wednesday Really as Good as its Hype?

Is Wednesday Really as Good as its Hype?

Not so very long ago, we finally got to see the firstborn child in the Addams Family again, Wednesday. This time, she is in a show that is dedicated entirely to her and how her mind works. The show has taken the world by storm, leaving behind shows such as Stranger Things and Money Heist. However, the question is, is the show really as good as it is hyped up to be?

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Back to Wednesday, so is the show really as good as the audience’s response is? Let's find out:

The Dark Element of the Show

People usually have a knack for watching TV shows and movies that have a rather dark theme rather than a light one. For instance, many people loved Bates Motel because it was a prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. The same is the case with Wednesday as well, which follows a dark theme consisting of murder.

If you believe you can handle blood and gore, then this is the show for you to watch. The show also has a dark theme in the sense that Wednesday has a love for everything that you might consider morbid and dark, for instance, her obsession with death. We also get to see how intelligent Wednesday really is, that she can fend off very easily without her family, and how she has her brother Pugsley’s back as well because Pugsley gives into his emotions.

Is the Acting Really All that good?

Well, okay here we would admit that yes, the acting really is good. Jenna Ortega has done a brilliant job with Wednesday’s character, marking her as dark as she possibly could be. The irony is, Wednesday’s roommate is someone who lives for colors and has a very colorful room while Wednesday’s part of the room is as dark as it could possibly be. There is absolutely no color in Wednesday’s life and she looks as miserable as she could be.

If there’s anyone that needs to be applauded for the show, it is Jenna Ortega and her portrayal of the character that makes Wednesday Addams come to life. This is exactly why people are looking forward to a second season of the show even though the first just ended.

The Cameo didn’t go unnoticed

Anyone who grew up watching the Addams Family would know that there was not one but two Wednesdays in the show. You just needed to be keen enough to know who the second one was. The dorm mom, Miss Thornhill, is played by Christina Ricci who was Wednesday prior to Jenna Ortega in the 1991 movie under the name “The Addams Family”.

So it was like a blast from the past, watching Christina Ricci play something related to the Addams Family even if it wasn’t Wednesday again. So all the babies who grew up watching the 1991 movie of the Addams Family were delighted to see Christina Ricci play something related to Addams Family all over again.

The Darker Version of Hogwarts: Nevermore

Even though the Nevermore School was not inspired by Hogwarts at all, you could see it as a darker version of Hogwarts. The school is divided into groups or factions in accordance with the type of monsters people are. For instance, there are vampires and there are werewolves. The school is basically for misfits who just would not fit into society.

Another interesting fact about Nevermore is that it was built ages ago and even the principal went there, along with Wednesday’s mother Morticia Addams, and Wednesday’s father Gomez Addams. Both of her parents met at the school, fell in love, and then married each other, an idea that Wednesday absolutely opposes.

That Weird Yet Amazing Dance

You must have come across it on the internet, yeah that actually did happen and is a part of the show. In fact, the dance was created by Jenna Ortega herself, who wanted to do a kind of dance that would look as Gothic as possible. Not only was there an amazing dance in the show but we also get to see Wednesday play the Cello which not only sounds eerie but at the same time it sounds very surreal as well, to the point that everyone who gets to hear it looks like they are going into a trance.

Watching the show might even get you interested in learning how to play the Cello.

Wrapping Up

Yes, Wednesday most certainly is as good as the hype was and it is the kind of show that everyone should at least watch once. It is a great way of killing time and it is enough to keep you curious at the end of each episode.