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First Trailer and Poster for Spanish Thriller THE WAIT

First Trailer and Poster for Spanish Thriller THE WAIT
First look at the contemporary western.

Written and directed by F. Javier Gutierrez (Before the Fall; Rings), The Wait is a contemporary western set in rural Andalusia. There trouble brews on an estate known for its hunting grounds when the estate manager accepts a bribe to increase the number of hunting stands, a decision that has disastrous consequences.

The film stars Victor Clavijo, Ruth Diaz, Manuel Moron and Luis Callejo.

"After Rings, I felt the need to return to Europe, to Spain, to Andalucía, and shoot something personal," says Gutierrez. "As a good friend told me once, 'one for them, one for me, for my soul'. The Wait belongs to the latter. No doubt, this film brings me back to my roots, my land, my memories, my most personal storytelling, along with my childhood nightmares. As I did in Before the Fall, beneath the story, I push the boundaries, to go deeper, through layers, symbols, exploring once again the complexity, darkness, beauty and weakness of our human nature. Death. Grief. Guilt… All disguised as a disturbing folk horror, brutal, uncompromised, with the soul of a western. That's The Wait. A suffocating step towards the edge, into our inner fears. No answers. No mercy. Too harsh? Maybe. But you know, to see a candle's light, one must take it into a dark place."

The Wait is about to hit the festival circuit with upcoming screenings at Sitges and Fantastic Fest.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

Eladio has been hired to watch over the hunting grounds of Don Francisco’s estate, somewhere in rural Spain. The estate is divided into ten hunting stands, spaced far enough apart to avoid incidents. After three years of service, Don Carlos — Don Francisco’s second in command — offers him a bribe to add an additional three stands to the property. Eladio initially hesitates, but his wife eventually convinces him to take the money. Eladio’s greed has unfortunate consequences that drag his entire family to perdition.

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