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RETURN TO SEOUL Headlines MUBI UK’s July Line-up

RETURN TO SEOUL Headlines MUBI UK’s July Line-up
The arthouse streaming service has announced its July roster.

July on MUBI UK sees the UK streaming debut of Davy Chou's acclaimed Return to Seoul, a season focussed on music on film, a Ken Loach retrospective and more.


Return to Seoul
Following the theatrical release in May, MUBI brings  Davy Chou's Return to Seoul (2022) exclusively to UK streaming this July. Featuring a revelatory performance from newcomer Park Ji-Min, the film tells the story of 25-year-old Freddie, who impulsively returns to her birthplace of South Korea for the first time since she was adopted and raised in France. This bittersweet journey of self-discovery sees Freddie travel from South Korea's vibrant, neon-soaked capital to its tranquil port cities, in search of a better understanding of her own identity, culture and home. Return to Seoul (2022) is an unpredictable and refreshingly authentic story of a young woman's search for identity, and of the ever-shifting relationships that shape it.

I'm Not There

Turn It Up: Music on Film
Returning this July is MUBI's Turn It Up: Music On Film focus. Encompassing both documentary and fiction, MUBI's selection of music films celebrates the electric magnetism of performance, but also moves beyond the glitz and glamour of the stage to dive into the lives, trials, and tribunals of the artists themselves. Spanning multiple musical genres, this special includes Lian Lunson's intimate tribute documentary Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man (2005), Max Minghella's spirited debut Teenage Spirit (2018) and Todd Haynes' impressionistic portrait of Bob Dylan, I'm Not There (2007).

Land and Freedom

Ken Loach
Ken Loach has established himself as a prominent and influential filmmaker known for his socially conscious storytelling and unflinching portrayals of working-class struggles and political issues. The first film in this focus is the historical drama Land and Freedom (1995). Set during the Spanish Civil War, this heart-wrenching depiction of camaraderie amidst conflict follows a young Englishman who joins the fight against fascism in Spain. Following this MUBI brings Loach's contemporary drama, Bread and Roses (1993), which focusses on the plight of immigrant workers in Los Angeles, shedding light on issues such as labour exploitation and immigration rights. This special director focus continues into August with Raining Stones (1993) and Carla's Song (1996).


Trouble on Set
This July, MUBI presents Trouble On Set, a series with a focus on films that explore the behind-the-scenes aspects of filmmaking and more specifically, the challenges and complexities of it. Whether it's technical difficulties, personal conflicts or creative differences, the films in this series all show the chaotic aspects of working on sets. Kicking the series off on July 6th is the satirical drama Birdman (2014), followed by Michael Winterbottom's metaphorical adaption of the novel Tristram Shandy, Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story (2005). Also included in this series are Beware of Holy Whore (1971) and Living in Oblivion (1995), both of which are available to view now.

Short Films Big Names
Mia Hansen-Løve's exceptional talent to capture nuanced, subtle emotions on screen are showcased in her atmospheric short film Un Pur Esprit (2004). An early example of her gentle touch and the empathy afforded to her protagonists, the film follows a girl walking reflexively in a park observing the activity of the people around her. Shot softly in black and white on Super 16 and sonically focusing on evocative, natural soundscapes.

Rude Boy
Set against a background of riots, racist and anti-racist demonstrations, Jack Hazan and David Mingay's infamous pseudo-documentary Rude Boy (1980) is an energetic, raw and iconic portrait of 1970s Britain. Featuring extensive live concert footage and behind-the-scenes access to The Clash at the peak of the punk-era, including the iconic Rock Against Racism performance in London's Victoria Park.

Ray Gange, an aimless Soho sex-shop employee friends with The Clash's commanding frontman Joe Strummer, transforms from fan to roadie. However, his questionable work ethic⁠ and politics are not in line with the band's plan to rage musically against the growing nationalism of the time.

Meet Doug

Meet Doug
Théo Jollet plays with genres and expectations combining horror and sci-fi tropes with the aesthetics of hip-hop music videos in his fantasy hip-hop musical Meet Doug (2020).

In a small town in the centre of France, Doug and his friends hang around the municipal stadium forming a little aimless community, having fun making jokes and rapping freestyles. This frail balance is soon disrupted when a mystical figure emerges to upset the lives of those who see it.

Everybody Loves Jeanne
Everybody Loves Jeanne (2022) is the charming and tender debut feature from award-winning animated film director, Céline Devaux. The amusing anti-romantic comedy explores serious themes like depression, climate anxiety and grief with lightness.

Everybody has always loved Jeanne, but, these days, she hates herself. Up to her ears in debt, she has to go to Lisbon and sell her late mother's apartment. At the airport, she runs into Jean, a fanciful and somewhat intrusive former high school classmate.