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Three Best Gambling Movies in the History of Italian Cinema

Three Best Gambling Movies in the History of Italian Cinema

The first Italian movie can be traced back to 1896 and was created soon after motion picture exhibitions began. Since then, Italian cinema has developed its own style, taking influence from, and influencing the large studios in Hollywood and the rest of the world. Throughout, the influence of gambling has always been a key theme, allowing a narrative that is dramatic, exciting, and filled with chance. Below we discuss the three best casino movies in Italian cinema. 

La Città Gioca d’Azzardo

Translated to Gambling City, this movie is a 1975 heist film by Sergio Martin. This movie follows the exploits of Luca Altieri, card player extraordinaire. After conducting a heist at the high-stakes poker table, he enters into a love triangle with a mafia boss's son and his feisty girlfriend. It is a great snapshot of Milan in the seventies, with its hustle, bustle, and dangerous undercurrents.

It is a classic example of Poliziotteschi, the Italian subgenre of crime and action films influenced by the seventies Hollywood classics being made at the time. With their Italian influence and lilt, they became extremely popular but faded out in the late seventies. Unfortunately, few of these movies are made now as Italian casinos are now much more modern affairs and many of them can be easily accessed online. Blackjack is one of the favored table games in the country, and sites such as Casino777 have sprung up with a wide range of games to cater to this. Anyone visiting the country can now easily access multi-hand games and live versions. Many of them also have attractive welcome bonuses for new players.

La Prima Notte Di Quiete

Known as Indian Summer in English, this movie is a gentle romantic drama from 1972. Daniele Dominici is both a card player and a professor of Poetry. When he arrives in the tourist town of Rimini, he gets a four-month contract to teach. As his relationship with his partner breaks down, he spends more time playing cards and gambling until he meets one of his friend's girlfriends, Vanina, and falls madly in love with her. 

The movie is a fantastic example of classic cinematography from the decade and provides a great portrait of a man finding himself. A joint French production, it was a minor hit there but was hugely successful in Italy where it has remained one of the timeless classics.

Pari e Dispari

Odds and Evens is one of many great Terence Hill and Bud Spencer comedy capers. It follows the exploits of two brothers, known as Charlie and Johnny Firpo. When racing driver Johnny has his speedboat tampered with, the pair discover a group of gamblers who are responsible and uncover their plot to misle the fortunes of gamblers in the area. 

The film was a roaring hit in Italy, coming only behind Amori Miei in the popularity stakes that year. Internationally, it was awarded a Golden Screen Award along with Warner Brothers Superman and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. 

With a resurgence in funding and popularity, Italian cinema is producing new hits all the time. Keep up to date on your movie news and look out for exciting world cinema like this on our website.