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New Trailer and Poster for I’M FINE (THANKS FOR ASKING)

New Trailer and Poster for I’M FINE (THANKS FOR ASKING)
The homelessness drama comes to UK cinemas and VOD in March.

Directed by Kelley Kali and Angelique Molina, who co-wrote the script with Roma Kong, I'm Fine (Thanks for Asking) stars Kali as Danny, a hairdresser forced to camp on the streets with her daughter (Wesley Moss). Over the course of a fraught day, Danny tries to gather the cash to make a payment on an apartment.

"We all had recently begun noticing more women living on the streets than we had seen before," Kali says. "Knowing that it could have been us or any of our friends and family, this became the salient topic for us to address. We incorporated my passion for roller skating, and only two weeks later, this spark of an idea became, I'm Fine (Thanks For Asking), a labour of love, grit, determination and teamwork."

I'm Fine (Thanks For Asking) is in UK cinemas and on VOD from March 3rd.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

The film is set in Southern California and follows recently widowed hairdresser Danny (played by Kali) who becomes houseless and convinces her 8-year-old daughter Wes (Wesley Moss) that they are only camping for fun while working to get them off the streets. As Danny works to find permanent housing, Wes grows increasingly tired of weeks in the heat, so her mother promises her that they will go home by the end of the day. With clients lined up, Danny is confident that she will have the final cash she needs to secure an apartment, but a series of mishaps threatens to derail her plans. Under mounting pressure, and with roller skates as her only means of transportation, she has to somehow manage to get the money she needs in order to keep her promise to her daughter.