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4 Amazing Gambling Movies to Watch Before You Hit the Casino

4 Amazing Gambling Movies to Watch Before You Hit the Casino

Nowadays casinos are a very popular form of entertainment, just like they were for a long time back in the past. And so are the movies about gambling. They provide entertainment, packed with drama and excitement of losing and winning the casino games. They are often settled in glamorous locations of Las Vegas which is very catchy for people watching them and will never be able to experience that luxury in real life. For those who are familiar with casino-themed movies, they are more than a plain story of gambling and life. Many of these gambling movies can provide us with some useful strategies, and we can learn some good tips that can be used when playing casino games. Here are some classic Hollywood casino-themed movies where you can catch some beneficial tips.

Casino Royale
With a license to kill and 007 status, agent James Bond sets on a mission to defeat a private banker funding terrorists in a high stakes game of poker in Casino Royale. Casino Royale movie is very interesting for those who love poker games. It is focused on Texas Hold’em, and while watching the movie, one can easily pick up some game tips. There are also some poker virtues that can be found in games at live tables. Some of the hottest casino settings are featured in this movie. It gives some very appealing poker tips for both online casino lovers and land-based casino enjoyers. The movie can teach you how to read other players without giving away your own hand. If you like poker, check out the USA live dealer casinos and definitely make sure you watch the movie, if you haven’t seen it already.

This is a movie based on a true story about a group of students. Together with their professor, students developed a system to become experts in card counting in blackjack, and they earned lots of money in various Vegas casinos. If you can pick up some of their virtues and strategies, it will help you with playing blackjack. These card counting strategies can be used to win in live dealer blackjack games at online casinos.

Casino is a movie that tells the story about a group of friends who visit a casino just for fun. They get caught up in the gambling world. This is a movie about luck and fate, how they can entwine together, as well as the house. This is a great story about greed, deception, power, money and even murder that happens between two best friends. It is also a story of the role of the house in gambling. A mafia enforcer and a casino executive compete over a gambling empire and fast-living and fast-loving social class.

The Gambler
The Gambler is a movie about a professor who leads a secret life as a high stakes gambler. He borrows money from a gangster offering his life in return. He even manages to pit his creditor against the operator of an illegal gambling ring. A love story with a student is implied and makes him risk even more. In the end he manages to pay his debts, but stays alone and hurt.

The movie does not give tips on playing casino games, its moral is aiming at the dangers of problem gambling and it is supposed to keep us more aware of our spending habits. It is not about thrills and glamor but about traps of compulsive gaming. Both in Casino and the Gambler, characters get lost in the gambling world, and lose everything they have.

Those are some of the gambling movies that can help provide more insights into the world of gambling and casinos. Either with their tips or the moral stories they share, they can positively influence your gambling efforts.