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Best Crypto Movies to Watch

Best Crypto Movies to Watch

Interest in digital currencies has not faded for several years – even despite the extreme volatility of this innovative asset class.

Very often it remains something mysterious to many regular people, owning an enigmatic aura and attempting to make its apologists people of the selected circle in the eyes of ordinary people. Nevertheless, almost any movie about cryptocurrency, whether fiction or documentary, can help to explain its phenomenon and fame.

Have you been dreaming for a long time to understand what blockchain is and why our world needs mining and tokens, but there is not enough time to read serious books? We understand. Movies about cryptocurrency, as well as similar series, contribute to its growing popularity. That is why we have prepared for you this selection of cool films about the cryptocurrency industry.

1. "Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain"

How did the blockchain system come to be? What is its position in the crypto world? How do virtual currency transfers work? Watching a documentary filmed in 2018 will help to find clear and clear responses to these and other questions, as well as to assess the degree of importance of blockchain for the development of the cryptocurrency market. In addition to technical details, the "Trust Machine" presents the personal opinions of experts on the benefits of crypto assets and their prospects.

2. "Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet"

Thanks to this documentary, the viewer will study the nuances of the bitcoin environment, and analyze its contradictions, problems, and the origins of popularity growth. In addition, the film provides a detailed description of blockchain technology and the possibilities of its use in creating a more equitable and secure global Internet – Web 3.0 which is according to Buildlbee the idea of the future.

3. "Bitcoin: The end of money as we know it"

The documentary is dedicated to traditional monetary units and cryptos. This is an incredibly fascinating story about how bitcoin has changed and gradually gained a foothold in the modern financial sector. The authors tried to explain how high the probability of a complete replacement of conventional payment processes with decentralized money is. The movie presents the opinion of many reputable experts. You will also meet Vitalik Buterin here – he shares with the audience his opinion about the future of cryptocurrencies.

4. "Netflix. Explained: Cryptocurrency"

For the busiest of us – for those who can not even find an hour to watch a documentary in a busy schedule – the streaming giant has made a series with short episodes. Incredibly, in just 14 minutes, Netflix explains everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies and the world around them. The film is perfectly structured and not overloaded with details.

5. "The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin"

The authors introduce the viewer to the earliest part of the history of cryptocurrencies – the period when these assets did not enjoy such incredible popularity but were considered only a pretty modern idea. The film tells about the developer Daniel Mross: this person believes in the ability of virtual currencies to change the prospects of the financial sector. The most well-known bitcoin supporters, like Mark Karpeles, Eric Voorhees, and Charlie Shrem, participated in the filming of the documentary bestseller.

6. "Banking on Bitcoin"

Today it is one of the greatest and most well-known documentary films about the legendary virtual currency. The viewer is guaranteed thorough research of bitcoin and associated innovations. The film producers concentrate on various aspects and speak about the increase of the asset, its fundamentals, the way it was made, and by whom. An additional bonus for the viewer will be information about the rapidity and low cost of bitcoin money transfers, as well as the advantages of financial decentralization.

7. "Crypto"

The American crime thriller is dedicated to the story of Martin Duran, a consultant at a financial institution focusing on the prevention of money laundering cases. A young specialist was demoted, and after that, a resident of a city located in upstate New York finds himself involved in a multimillion-dollar strategy of the Russian mafia. The movie is dedicated to the subject of virtual currency mining. In the finale, it is with the help of digital asset mining that Martin manages to save his father's farm.

Final thoughts

Individuals who are new to virtual currency or have been "spinning" in it for a long time are advised to watch all of the best movies about cryptos to better comprehend its characteristics, functionality, and prospects. This is fascinating knowledge that will appeal to anyone who wants to improve their well-being, is fascinated by new technologies, or is just getting started.