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A Selection of TV-Shows Where the Main Characters Tried Their Luck in Poker and Casino.

A Selection of TV-Shows Where the Main Characters Tried Their Luck in Poker and Casino.

CASINO (from an Italian casino - house) is a gambling establishment where gambling is conducted using gambling tables and other equipment. The first gambling house "Casa" was opened in 1626 in Venice. In the 17-18 centuries. K. appeared in Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, France, Russia, etc. In May 1865 "Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo" (Monaco) was opened - the most famous casino in Europe. 1911 gambling business was legalized in Macau (Comyn, China), in the USA: 1931 - in the state. Nevada (Las Vegas), 1976 - in the state. New Jersey (Atlantic City). Now they are the main gambling centers of the world, and the annual capital turnover of the three cities is more than 15 billion US dollars. The largest number of casinos is in the USA, Russia, France, Great Britain, Canada, Argentina, and Germany.

Poker is a widely popular card game played by millions of players from all over the world. Most people think that it is an online game for entertainment, but the reality is quite different. It is played at international levels where professional players earn huge amounts of money. Over the past few decades, the number of players participating in this game has increased significantly.

Do you often think about how much the most famous poker players in the world earn or why this sport attracts so much attention? Well, this post will try to cover a variety of perspectives to answer all your queries. Let's take a look at the main reasons why poker is so popular all over the world!

Poker in American culture is almost a part of everyday life because even children know the rules of this card game. In TV series, the game is often used to reveal certain qualities of characters - their psychological talents and ability to "read" people. We have selected the most interesting films where characters gather for home gatherings for a game of poker.

Often it is the poker game scenes that add tension to the plot and reveal the secrets of the main characters. Our editorial team with the support of best casino first deposit bonus offers to watch the most popular moments from the cult series.

The Simpsons
In the 10th episode of the 5th season of The Simpsons, Mr. Burns' casino appears. It was opened in order to legalize gambling to boost the economy of Springfield. The whole Simpsons family became famous in the casino, even little Maggie. Homer got a job as a blackjack dealer, and Marge mastered the art of high-stakes gambling! Meanwhile, Bart even opened his own casino in his tree house.

But this is not the only mention of casinos in The Simpsons. What is the 7th episode of the 27th season, in which Homer loses 5 thousand dollars in poker to Broadway legend Laina Fontaine? The only way to pay back the loss is to borrow Lisa for a month. So the world of show business is waiting for the little girl, and the Simpsons family - new endless adventures!

A weekend poker game is a great tradition to start with your friends. Especially if you play at Here you can gather at one table without leaving home and plunge into the atmosphere of excitement. Registered customers have access to dozens of video slots, roulette, poker, bingo, and keno lottery, so you won't be bored!

Casinos and poker in the cult series about six friends play a significant role in plot twists. For example, in episode 18 of season 1, Rachel raises the stakes against Ross, to which he, wanting to play along with the girl, passes.

It is impossible not to mention the final 2 episodes of season 5, which take place in Las Vegas in an atmosphere of excitement and desire to win. It is the events in the casino that radically change the plot of "Friends": Ross and Rachel get married drunk, and now Geller will face his third divorce.

There will be no shortage of curiosity in these episodes: Joey tries to convince a blackjack dealer that they have "twin hands" to no avail, and Phoebe doggedly pursues an old woman to expose her fraudulent intentions. Monica and Chandler win at the casino and want to get married in Las Vegas too.

How I Met Your Mother
In episode 9 of season 5, on the eve of Barney and Robin's wedding, everyone plays poker. Another attempt to remind themselves that the stakes during poker can be so high that even wedding rings are at stake!

Fortune will be on the bride's side. First, Robin will win the ring of her fiancé's brother - James, then she will play with her mother-in-law and manage to win Loretta's special blouse. Of course, the woman allows Robin to keep the blouse, but warns that this is not the end of their confrontation - and the game will continue.

Force Majeure / Suits
In the 6th episode of season 2, Harvey's new client is, as it turns out, an avid gambler from Atlantic City. Things are not going well for him, and the lawyers arrive just in time to witness their client losing in a high-stakes poker game. More than $3 million was at stake. But the situation gets worse when the man puts up his company as collateral and makes a deal on a cocktail napkin. Now the winner wants to collect his prize!

Desperate Housewives
How not to mention the life stories of five friends who gather weekly for a friendly game of poker. Here everything is not only for the sake of taking the winnings home. The stakes in the series are much higher - personal experiences, revealed lies and even hidden betrayals are at stake! Moreover, in the 18th episode of Season 7, Susan goes to the casino to make the highest bet in poker, after which she will have to learn about a terrible loss that is not measured in money.