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4 Films About the Online Gambling Industry You Should Consider Watching This Weekend

4 Films About the Online Gambling Industry You Should Consider Watching This Weekend

Have you ever left a cinema filled with the desire to live life just like one of your favourite characters from the film industry? In some cases, you can! Now, we’re not saying that you’re going to wake up one morning with the task of retrieving the golden idol from a Peruvian temple filled with booby traps like Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Still, there are plenty of other activities your favourite film characters partake in that can be completed in everyday life.

Take James Bond or Danny Ocean, for example; although their death-defying feats might not be able to be replicated by everyday people, one specific activity can be - gambling. Since gambling is a popular pastime for people across the globe, with as many as one in ten South African citizens participating in this recreation, it’s only sensical that the activity would make its way into the film and TV industry.

Whether poker, roulette, slots, or other tabletop games, your favourite movies or TV shows can teach you much about your most-loved casino game and make you feel like the main character without any of the danger. If you’re inspired to live like one of your favourite high-rolling movie characters, consider watching one of the films inspired by the online gambling industry this weekend, some of which we outline below:


Runner Runner

Released in 2013 by Regency Enterprises and others, Runner Runner tells the story of a man named Richie Furst, portrayed by Justin Timberlake, who is funding his master’s degree by encouraging students to gamble online for which he receives a portion of the cut.

Soon enough, he is threatened with being expelled for these activities, so Richie tries to play his hand at online poker to win the money to cover his tuition expense. However, he is swindled, and the rest of the movie showcases him confronting and approaching the website’s owner.

A firm favourite among poker fans, this movie highlights online casinos' highs (and lows). In the scenes with Ben Affleck’s character Ivan Block, we see Richie discover the heights of brick-and-mortar casinos, such as the bright, flashing lights of the after-parties, beautiful women, etc.

On the other hand, the movie also explores the importance of online safety while playing online slots and other traditional casino games so that players aren’t taken advantage of, which is something many players don’t realise until it’s too late.

To avoid scammers, players must register only with reputable online casinos to ensure that their safety is guaranteed. Players can differentiate between the good and the bad using sites like Online Casino Review, which helps gambling fans navigate all aspects of the online gambling industry.

Next time you’re gambling online, consider using their site to find everything from the best-rated online casinos, online slots, reviews, and the latest gambling-related news to ensure that you don’t end up suffering the same fate as Richie and that you live out your gambling fantasies safely.


Uncut Gems

Premiering in 2019, A24’ and Elara Pictures’ cinematic masterpiece features a star-studded cast like Adam Sandler, Julia Fox, Idina Menzel, and even Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer The Weeknd, and is one of the most recent movies to explore the offline and online gambling industry.

Set in New York, the movie centres around Adam Sandler’s character Howard Ratner, a compulsive gambling addict going through a messy divorce with his ex-wife Dinah Ratner, portrayed by Idina Menzel.

Traditionally seen in comedic films, more notably ‘Grown Ups’ and ‘Just Go With It’, Sandler delivers a performance unlike any other role he has ever played, which places this movie up with some of the best gambling-related films of all time.

Through the character of Howard, gambling fans witness the highs (and mainly the lows) of online and offline gambling, with the ending as a tragic reminder of how important it is to gamble responsibly and when to seek help if needed.


Casino Royale

Although not directly about online gambling per se, no list involving gambling-related films could be complete without the legend that is James Bond. Adequately named, the 2006 spy film released by Eon Productions focuses on the titular character, as portrayed by Daniel Craig, facing off against the notorious villain Le Chiffre.

After gaining a valuable source of information from the CIA, Bond learns that Le Chiffre intends to win big at a casino in Montenegro. So, to get closer to him, Bond must adopt an alter ego and participate in the Texas Goldmine tournament to apprehend him before it is too late.

Despite not revolving around the online casino industry directly, Bond is a notable figure in online and offline gambling, with many gambling fans likening themselves to the suave spy who always makes out of even the most difficult situations alive (and with impressive gameplay). As a result, many online and offline slots have been themed after the British spy, with some of the most recognisable being Live and Let Die, Diamonds Are Forever, Agent Jane Blonde, and many more.


Molly’s Game

With many movies about online and offline gambling placing men in titular roles, Molly’s Game comes from the refreshing perspective of a woman based on the memoirs of Molly Bloom. Portrayed by Jessica Chastain, this movie follows the titular character as she participates in a high-stakes poker game, leading to the FBI seeking interest in her.

Although this film relies heavily on dramatisation, it provides a window into the behind-the-scenes affairs of the offline and online casino industry, which for watchers, can be exciting. Yet, for those who gamble as a pastime, it reminds them of the risks and drawbacks associated with the activity.

The film has a premise akin to Justin Timberlake’s Runner Runner in that it drills home the importance of betting in legal and regulated online and offline casinos while providing evidence as to why this should always be the case so that you can avoid any drama that might arise as a result.