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Did You Win British Film Noir THE SLEEPING TIGER on Blu-Ray?

Win British Film Noir THE SLEEPING TIGER on Blu-Ray
We've got two blu-rays of the 1954 thriller to give away.

Studiocanal has announced the release of the newly-restored classic British film noir The Sleeping Tiger on Blu-Ray for the first time, as well as on DVD and Digital from November 7th.

Directed by Joseph Losey (under the credit of Victor Hanbury), the film was the first collaboration between Dirk Bogarde (The Servant, Accident) and Losey (The Go-Between, Mr. Klein) and marked the beginning of one of British cinema’s most important actor/director partnerships. Also starring Alexis Smith (The Age of Innocence) and Alexander Knox (Wilson), The Sleeping Tiger, looking better than ever and featuring brand-new bonus material, is a welcome addition to the ever-expanding Vintage Classics collection.

On its initial theatrical release, Victor Hanbury, the film’s producer, was credited as director rather than Joseph Losey. Blacklisted at the time after refusing to testify before the 1951 House Committee on Un-American Activities, and in desperate need of work, Losey convinced the producer to take the credit.

A psychiatrist, Clive Esmond (Alexander Knox) catches young gunman Frank Clemens (Dirk Bogarde) breaking into his house. Rather than send him to prison, Esmond invites the delinquent to stay at his home as a social guinea pig, believing that he can curb the fugitive’s criminal tendencies. Further tensions arise, however, when the youth begins an affair with Esmond’s wife (Alexis Smith).

We've got two blu-rays of The Sleeping Tiger to give away.

The winners are:

Roger Stanley, Sherborne
Andrew Rodwell, London