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The Best Ways to Watch Movies and Series

The Best Ways to Watch Movies and Series

Watching TV and movies can be a great way to unwind after work or on the weekends. Sure, there is no perfect way to enjoy some TV time, but there are ways to make it a better experience. Whether you like to sit in bed and watch the latest reality cooking show, or you feel more relaxed with a documentary, you probably haven’t thought of these cool methods.

If you still have the old CRT TV, then it’s time to upgrade to the future. For your next movie night, invite some friends over to showcase some of these methods, and soon your entertainment room will be the new hangout zone.

Make Snacks Accessible

Nobody wants to pause an interesting movie to make popcorn or get some snacks. And no movie night is complete without some yummy treats. Instead of walking to the kitchen five times a night, bring a small table and bar refrigerator to the entertainment room. It doesn’t have to be big, just something that can house a couple of cans of soda and keep your chocolates fresh.

Take it a step further and buy an extra kettle to make some hot cocoa on the fly. If you look online, you will easily find those cool tables that have hidden compartments where you can keep all the good stuff.

Upgrade Your Media Centre

Instead of keeping a stack of DVDs and bulky playing equipment, opt for an all-in-one device where thousands of shows are available on demand. You can buy a small Raspberry Pi which is basically a computer that fits in your hand. You will have access to Netflix, and Amazon Prime and can even use the pre-installed browser to search YouTube and the web.

For something a bit stronger that will give you more options to improve your viewing, buy a laptop or computer with a built-in graphics card to view higher-quality videos. If you want to know more about how graphics cards work to play better quality videos, check out the following link for the best options available: These graphics cards give you the freedom to upgrade computer hardware and install additional applications to watch or stream movies and TV shows in real time.

Go Big

Some movies just have to be watched on the big screen. You don’t need to install a giant projector screen or even own a projector to get the same effect as a movie theatre. There is an incredibly simple way to make your entertainment room feel just like the theatre. All you need is a flashlight and a magnifying glass. Point the flashlight to an empty wall and switch it on. Now place the magnifying glass against the flashlight. Anything that you put in front of the glass will be projected onto the wall. Easy right?

A smartphone can also be effective, but it takes a bit more time and tools to prepare. You essentially build a projector using your smartphone, cardboard sheets, a magnifying glass, and a mirror.

Other methods to make your movie room more comfortable are to install dim fairy lights, keep ample soft blankets nearby, and sign up for a streaming subscription so you can find more movies to add to your list of favorites.