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‘We Met in Virtual Reality’ the First VR-Based Documentary Comes to HBO Max

‘We Met in Virtual Reality’ the First VR-Based Documentary Comes to HBO Max
After making headlines following its premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, held in late January in Salt Lake City, the innovative documentary We Met in Virtual Reality is now showing on HBO Max.

This particular project has attracted the attention of so many film enthusiasts because it is set in its entirety within a virtual reality environment. The film has been released under the HBO Documentary Films distribution company and marks Joe Hunting’s directorial debut.

The new age of virtual reality

In recent years, virtual reality has gone from a remote possibility to a tool widely available for gaming and virtual social interactions. Online entertainment is currently facing a growing demand for immersive experiences and engaging digital worlds. In this sense, video games, and online platforms have sought to create complex new environments that can captivate and entertain users. For instance, users accessing online casino at Paddy Power Games will find that they can join immersive and innovative game formats, including live casino games. These games are hosted by real dealers dealing cards and numbers in real-time and who also interact with players joining in. But that's not all: huge technological endeavours such as the metaverse are expected to rely heavily on VR to create a truly immersive and fully-digital experience. In fact, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has been experimenting with virtual reality for some time now.

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As a result, this new immersive wave, best represented by VR, has grown into a highly interesting subject matter for anyone looking to explore new forms of online interactions, virtual experiences, and how technology can contribute to bringing people together.

Inside VR

We Met in Virtual Reality aims to precisely explore that. While the documentary was shot within a VR chat it was filmed in real-time, with raw and non-performed interactions and testimonies. The director’s goal was to document a tale of real bonds and emotional connections experienced by VR users while exploring an entirely virtual platform. The film also explores issues related to loneliness, the human experience in online worlds, and the power that immersive experiences could have in shaping the future of the Internet.

This new documentary seeks to tell the story of different protagonists who have, in some ways, found a new dimension to their lives by engaging with virtual reality. The audience will discover the story of two couples who interact using VR: DustBunny, a fitness and dance teacher who works on VR Chats, and Toaster, her boyfriend; and DragonHeart and IsYourBoi, two artists that got together after meeting on a VR dance community. Both couples are committed to working on their relationships before they take the next step of meeting their partners in the real world. In addition, we also follow the life of Jenny, a dedicated and talented sign language teacher whose goal is to set up a VR community for deaf and hearing-impaired individuals.

Upon its release, the documentary was met with generally favourable reviews, with critics pointing out that Hunting’s documentary showcases the true power of VR and how digital worlds can transcend all boundaries and limitations of reality. The documentary premiered on HBO Max on July 28 and has a runtime of just over 90 minutes.